Law of Attraction and Dreams, Premonitions or Predictions

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How can we believe the Law of Attraction is working when some things seem beyond our control?

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Recently, I received an interesting email in which a woman told me that when she was 10 years old, she was shown in a dream how one day she would have a son and he would die at a certain age in a specific fashion. She also reported that this did, in fact, occur. Her question to me was, “How can I believe the Law of Attraction is working when some things seem beyond our control?”

What’s happening when we have dreams, premonitions or receive a prediction that something (usually unwanted) is going to take place in the future? Or when it does happen we remember having received foreknowledge?

Here are three things you might consider:

1. Time only exists here on earth for us humans. Quantum physics teaches that although everything; every event, every experience, every possibility exists at the same time–in the NOW–man has invented time: the past, the present and the future, to bring some sort of order into these experiences. Religions call this Eternity–the place where time has no beginning and no end.

2. The Law of Attraction teaches us that everything vibrates and every vibration affects all other vibrations. I like the way Abraham-Hicks put it: “Everything vibrates and is communicating, reacting, responding and integrating with other vibrating things.” ~Well Being Cards

3. Our subconscious mind is directly connected to the Super Conscious Mind (Source, Higher Power, Inner Being and Holy Spirit) and we are all learning how to translate this information for “human consumption.” Remember, the translator is a person with their own agenda, fears and ideas about the meaning of this information.

I have been experiencing dreams, visions and prophetic words since 1987–actually, I had many experience of this nature as a young child, followed by years of rare occurrences. What I’ve found is that ANY piece of information can be interpreted through a filter of fear or love. When it is filtered through fear, it usually brings an ominous feeling to the prediction. When it is filtered through love, the message uplifts, encourages and strengthens people. And the choice is in the hands of the interpreter. I have decided to interpret dreams, visions and prophecies in the most positive life-giving way! Any thing less does not feel good to me.

So, my answer to the question: “How can I believe the Law of Attraction is working when some things seem beyond our control?” is this–

All things are connected at Source. Believe the best interpretation you can give to your dreams, premonitions, and all such occurrences. And if the prediction should come true–or you receive an outcome which is different or less than you would have chosen–KNOW THIS: you are indeed blessed to have been PREPARED for this event.

When I was pregnant with my fourth child, Sarah, I had a premonition that something was not right with the child I was carrying. I even told one of my girlfriends, “You know how people say, ‘I don’t care if it’s a boy or girl, as long as it’s ok?’ Well, I can’t say that about this baby. I CAN say, ‘I don’t care if it’s a boy or girl and it’s ok if it is not ok.’ All will be well.” And of course, when Sarah was born it was still surprising that she was born with Down’s Syndrome. And yet, I felt so SPECIAL, because I HAD been prepared.

I truly believe in the prevalence of Goodness. I believe the knowledge of an event before it occurs is a gift. Something in us attracted this knowledge so that we could consciously prepare for it. Does that mean we have no choice or say in such matters? Sometimes the vibration of another person becomes a part of our life and deep down inside of us, we DO have a corresponding harmonious vibration. Sarah chose to be born different genetically. Her true self wants to experience life here on earth different from most people. I have a vibration in me that loves her and wants to encourage and support her along her journey.

We are a perfect match. And all really is well.

Personal background check

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A personal background check enables employers to get an idea of an applicant’s professional and emotional fit with reference to company credo. The background check can begin with a reference check that covers both personal and professional references.

personal background check, software

A personal background check enables employers to get an idea of an applicant’s professional and emotional fit with reference to company credo. The background check can begin with a reference check that covers both personal and professional references.

A review of credit reports offers useful insight and concrete information regarding an employee. The type and number of credit accounts and the bill-paying record is a fair indicator of an individual’s suitability, particularly for accounts-related positions. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows employers to utilize information available in an individual’s credit record in order to assess their suitability for a job. Details provided in a credit report serve as a useful counter-check for information made available by the applicant.

Employers should take care that their personal background check resources are verifiable and that they do not violate privacy and equal opportunity legislations. Information obtained during a personal background check helps the company to build a clear picture of the applicant; the information can include criminal records, debt, age, past residences, marital status, and past jobs. The information provided by third-parties is usually marked “verified?or “unverified? This helps companies to decide quickly whether they wish to entertain a job application or not. In order to obtain a well-rounded picture of an individual, the personal background check company may gather information from friends and neighbors of the applicant. The company requesting a personality background check should try and obtain information relevant to the nature of the job so that no time is wasted hunting for redundant information.

Companies can outsource a personality background check depending upon the extent of information desired. Often, it is cheaper if companies conduct a personal background check in-house as they can obtain the information required from the county and state information databases.

As the name suggests, personal background checks can reveal deeply personal information and traits about an individual that can be useful to not only employers but also to landlords who may not wish to have tenants that have a history of loose conduct. Such checks are also done by parents to learn more about prospective spouses.

Manifesting Abundance ?Get the Money You Deserve

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Most people see life thought the eyes of scarcity and lack. However if you follow these simple techniques you can being to change the flow of money comming towards you.

law of attraction, manifesting, manifest

You are about to learn a simple technique to weave a flow of money into your life without struggle and pain or worry. First you will want to understand a simple concept for being in the right flow.

In order to Manifesting greater abundance you must begin to be aware of abundance in your own life. Although money may be lacking there may be several areas of your life where you do have signs of abundance.

The sooner you can be aware that life is overflowing with streams of wealth the faster you can align yourself to receive the wealth that you want.

One of the biggest reasons most people cannot envision much less manifest abundance is because most people think of lack. Most people see life thought the eyes of scarcity and lack. As you become aware of the many possibilities of wealth all around, you slow begin to change your inner barometer for abundance.

–Being in a Money Flow–

You can practice this meditation for a few minutes every day and take notes of your day as you go along. See what happens on the days when you do practice these techniques.

Take a few deep breaths. Imagine yourself giving money to others. See them receiving that money with joy. Then let the cycle flow by seeing money coming to you. Allow yourself to stay with this inner mediation for a few minutes until you filled with the feeling of abundance.

Now the second step to this technique is quite fun. If you have resistance in doing it then its quite likely you still have a lot of resistance towards money and continue to feel lack. Be mindful of how you are feeling as you do this step.

Go out and give some money to those who are in need. That could be the homeless or those who do come up to your. Make it a point to do this for a few days as you also practice the guided visualization. Remember to take notes to make your results.

Remind yourself that you do live in a wealthy and abundance universe. There is nothing to fear and your needs are always met. You can manifest greater abundance with deeper understanding of the spiritual laws then manifesting will become easier and fun.

Background Checks ?Quintessential In Today’s World Of Employment


A background check is essentially a verification procedure. It is a method of investigating the past of an individual and his achievements and failures for the purpose of recruitment. This helps the employer to judge the validity of information furnished by the prospective employee.

Any company must go through a proper and systematic background checking before making a hiring decision. Background checks have proved to be more beneficial and effective in comparison to pers…

A background check is essentially a verification procedure. It is a method of investigating the past of an individual and his achievements and failures for the purpose of recruitment. This helps the employer to judge the validity of information furnished by the prospective employee.

Any company must go through a proper and systematic background checking before making a hiring decision. Background checks have proved to be more beneficial and effective in comparison to personal interviews and information provided by resumes and Reference Letters.

Background checks are organized methods of investigation, where the company follows a particular course of action by conducting a research work as par requirement disregarding additional unnecessary details. The requirement of screening by Federal or Sate Law has become necessary in most professional specifications.

Background check becomes more crucial and indispensable when an employer has to select the best among several potential applicants. A correct detection, results in the gift of a worthy employee. In the United States, the Brandy Bill requires criminal background checks for purchasing handguns from licensed firearm dealers. Restricted weaponry items like machine guns and other explosives, suppressors and huge quantities of precursor chemicals and secret weapons permit also requires a thorough criminal background check.

Background checks are also compulsory for those in positions of honor, greater responsibility and security. These include trucking, ports of entry and airline transportation.

Background reports consist a variety of information beginning with the certification of an applicant’s Social Security number to a complete variety of specifications of the employee’s past accounts and connections. Some of the significant information generally included in background checks is public records formed by government agencies.

The Credentials of Background Checks

?Driving Records
?Social Security Number
?Cases Of Bankruptcy
?Property Ownership
?Former Employers
?Vehicle Registration
?Education Records
?Character References
?Military Records
?Personal testimonials
?Credit Records
?Court Records
?Neighbor Interview
?State Licensing Records
?Past Records Of Imprisonment And Confinement
?Criminal Records
?Worker’s Compensation
?Medical Documents
?Drug Test Documents
?Sex Offender Lists

These above-mentioned details regarding an individual are enough to give the concern an idea of the several traits and characteristics of an eligible candidate. In short, background check can easily be termed as eligibility test to judge the legal worthiness of a candidate regarding a particular professional placement.

Manifestation is what we do naturally

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Manifestation is what we do naturally and it shows up in all facets of our lives if we realize it or not.

Feel Good Creation


Manifestation is what we do naturally and it shows up in all facets of our lives if we realize it or not.

When you are inspired or not inspired, you created it. If you could look back at a record of all the things that you thought or felt on a subject you could probably identify what thoughts and feelings created the results that you are experiencing right now.

It is possible to start to do this more consciously and link these results to what you were thinking and feeling.

Start small and look at things that are in your life and think for a moment what thoughts and feelings you have had in that area. Interesting!

In the beginning it can seem a little vague as you start to put together the puzzle and remember thoughts and feelings that would make sense to have created that result, but you are unsure. As you practise this skill you become clearer and clearer as to the connections.

Often it is unconscious thoughts that control the creation of things but if you watch your thoughts and feelings you will normally notice their presence and content.

They may be following your positive thoughts or they may just be recurring limiting thoughts created a long time ago, either way just give them no notice for now and continue to think the thoughts and feelings of what you want.

When you think about the things that you want, do your best to feel good about those things, this lifts your vibration closer to achieving those things.

If you feel negative thoughts or feelings just realize what they are and bring your focus back to feeling good about what you want. Negative feelings have little power if you do not dwell on them or give energy to them

As your positive focus on what you want continues, power starts to build in that direction and energy starts to flow to create those things. This is a natural process.

So focus on what you want and feel good about it. This raises the vibration of your energy towards beautiful things.

If you start to feel bad just realize that your focus has shifted to some old pattern or thought and gently bring it back to what you would like to think about and feel.

Allow the energy to build until what you want is delivered. Be open for things that excite you as they may be the beginning steps of the delivery.

Be gentle with yourself in the beginning as it can take some time to build new habits and your thoughts may drift without noticing. Consistent self loving effort will bring great results and change your life

Enjoy your manifestations!

title:How to Conduct Personal Background Checks

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author:Jasmine Ong
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:16

You want to [Spin] conduct| carry out| execute [/Spin] a personal background check on a colleague, maybe even a prospective mate, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it? Before you spend a fortune on private investigators, you might want to try a little gumshoeing of your own.
The net is teeming with search engines and public records just waiting to be explored. You might have to do a little digging (or perhaps a lot), but there’s a great chance that the information you’re after is just floating around cyberspace at no cost.
Be careful which sites you [Spin] choose| select| decide [/Spin] to rely on for help. Some of them will charge you fees for information you can get elsewhere for free. Some will even charge you for wrong or useless information. If you’ve got the time and the patience, it’s [Spin] often| frequent| many times [/Spin] best to do the searching personally. That way you can easily ignore irrelevant data and hone in on pertinent ones.
Also be wary of more unscrupulous sites that will sweet talk you into downloading software, [Spin] often| frequent| many times [/Spin] for a fee. Not all such offers are harmful so it would be wise to exercise due caution before you download anything. Some programs come bundled with hidden spyware; instead of helping you streamline your search, they will end up divulging more about you and your system than you care to disclose.
One of the most logical steps to take when [Spin] conduct| carry out| execute [/Spin]ing a background check is to search for vital records. Births, marriages and deaths are all matters of public record. As more and more governments make the move towards electronic records storage and management, these vital statistics are more likely to be available online.
Driver’s license information and social security numbers will also help you narrow down your search. Genealogy sites also have the potential of pointing you towards the right direction. Faced with the very real possibility of namesakes or other common statistics, k[Spin] at once| now| immediately [/Spin]ing the names of relatives can help point your investigation towards the correct path.
Failing an independent and free search, you can always turn to paid locator services. For varying fees, the job can be done for you within a matter of minutes up to a matter of days. All results are then transmitted straight to your email box.
Searching online may not always yield the desired results. Not every outcome will be comprehensive and thorough. As a general rule, the more details you k[Spin] at once| now| immediately [/Spin] about a person, the easier it will be to weed out namesakes and avoid dead ends. But even then, it is important to remember that information gathered online should not be automatically considered gospel truth in all cases. Because data is culled from different public records and data providers, the resulting records are guaranteed to be current and accurate only inso[Spin] away| far| distant [/Spin] as those sources are updated and correctly encoded. Verify figures before calling them facts. When in doubt, confirm their veracity through secondary sources.
With newer and better technology, people can steal or manufacture identities as quickly as they change their chat aliases. As such, personal background checks are fast becoming a prudent and necessary fact of life. After all, it is better to err on the side of paranoia than to be truly sorry in the long run.

Law of Attraction Classics: Dynamic Thought – “Right Channel” Thought – HT Hamblin

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Ever wondered if “Thoughts are Things”, what this has to do with the Law of Attraction? Henry Thomas Hamblin figured this all out and told about it in his book “Dynamic Thought”. He also tells how hypnotism and other occult mental work actually work against this Law – by attracting to yourself things you actually don’t want. You can learn through this book excerpt some of the the precise explanations and instructional examples of how to apply the Law of Attraction effectively in your own life.

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If thought is the “greatest power of all powers,” “the most vital, subtle and irresistible force in the universe,” and if your thoughts have the power to attract other thoughts of a like character, then the choice of your thoughts is the ‘nose important act of your life.

By choosing your thoughts you choose either success or failure, happiness or misery, health or disease, hope or despair.

Says one of deep insight into the nature of things: “The things that we see, are but a very small fraction of the things that are. The real, vital forces at work in our own lives, and in the world about us, are not seen by the ordinary physical eye. Yet they are the causes of which all things we see are merely the effects. Thoughts are forces; like builds like, and like attract like. For one to govern his thinking then is to determine his life.”

Therefore do not believe anyone who wants to teach you how to “overcome” other people, and to dominate them either by “will-power” or by Hypnotism. If you seek to get the better of other people and to influence them by mine domination, you are charging full tilt against the Law of the Universe, and this can only lead to the most disastrous results.

The “hypnotic gaze” and “suggestion” can never bring you success; it may bring a temporary, fleeting advantage, but this will be followed by disaster either in your business or profession, your body, your life, or your home.

By the right use of your thought-forces you can make yourself a magnet and attract to yourself all that you deserve. We each get what he or she deserves. As we improve the quality of our thoughts, so do we become deserving of better results; as we become deserving of better results, so do better things flow to us by the operation of Universal Law.

By the use of carefully graded denials and affirmations, we break the power of evil thought-habit, and in its place create a new mental attitude, hopeful, strong, cheerful, successful, confident, an attitude of mind that knows not failure, can never be discouraged; that stands firm and unafraid amid the changing scenes of life; an attitude of mind that overcomes, conquers and achieves. An attitude of mind that lives in a sea of positive, helpful, stimulating thoughts, that are the products of the best minds of all ages.

Thus it all comes down to this. It is by the use of denials and affirmations, and by persevering in their use, that the life can be changed, circumstances altered, and ambitious realized.

By denials and affirmations we can direct our thought-stream into the right channel; by denials and affirmations we can impress upon our sub-conscious mind thoughts which, becoming translated into actions, lead to success and all accomplishment. By denials and affirmations we can break down the force of evil habit, and in its place install habits that ennoble and enrich our lives. By denials and affirmations we can build up our characters, changing what was weak and vacillating into that which is powerful and stable. By denials and affirmations we can concentrate our consciousness upon thoughts of Power, Success and Courage and these, in turn, will attract to us multitudes of other thoughts of a similar nature. Do you realize, dear Reader, the extent of the wonderful power that you hold in your hands?

title:Background Check Resources

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author:Reggie Andersen
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:07

Whether you’re hiring a CEO, a subcontractor, a babysitter, or even looking for a new tenant or roommate, you’re taking a [Spin] enormous| large| big [/Spin] risk. It’s the nature of business unfortunately for people to go to great lengths to misrepresent themselves and thus create the need for background check resources and references.
Avoid doing business with deceptive people with these 5 key factors in mind:
1. Prepare comprehensive histories from vague or misleading responses
2. Filter fact from fiction and deal with dishonest interviewees
3. Deal with legal issues including which questions you can and cannot ask
4. Make a confident, well-researched hiring decision
5. Use waivers that protect you legally during the background check process
Personal References
A personal reference could be anyone whom the candidate happens to k[Spin] at once| now| immediately [/Spin] but most likely has never worked for. For landlords or people looking for a nanny for their children the request for references should still be for business references and not personal ones. The landlord-tenant relationship is still a business one as is the relationship between nannies and in-home health care workers and their employers. Nowadays, personal references have become one of those overused catchphrases that disguises the real work of responsible, effective reference checking.
Background Checks
The term background check is another catchall phrase that means checking the accuracy of basic information provided by a candidate for employment or similar. It’s an important step in the employee selection process because it is a relatively painless and inexpensive way for the prospective employer to whittle down the pile of applications to only those candidates who are, at least, who they say they are.
While determining whether or not the candidate is whom he or she claims to be is an important first step, it should ultimately lead into real reference checking. There is so much more to learn about a candidate for employment or a prospective tenant or even a babysitter before the final decision can be made. And the only way to learn that is by talking to people who have worked with, rented to, or received service or care from the candidate in question.
Job Application Issues
There are several things employers can do to increase the likelihood of receiving honest responses to job performance questions:
1. Always ask the job seeker to provide a resume that contains a complete work history, including dates of employment for every job held.
2. Ask the candidate to provide the name of the person to whom he/she directly reported.
3. Employers should always require candidates for employment to fill out a formal job application that asks for the same information. One way or another, even if you have to ask for it during the first interview, you’ll get a description of the tasks for which the job seeker was responsible at each position held.
If the list of references doesn’t include at least one of the people to whom the candidate reported directly, a red warning flag should appear in the prospective employer’s mind. Some job seekers will suggest they didn’t list a previous supervisor as a reference because the two of them didn’t get along and that’s understandable, but throughout an individual’s entire work history, there has to be at least ONE supervisor who can be a reference. If it’s true the candidate has never gotten along with any supervisor ever, then it’s best to look for another person for the job.
No, every job doesn’t result in a happy ending, but with the above precautions in mind, one can reduce the possibility of getting burned or hiring the more suitable person for the job. Having more information about a job seeker is always better than having less. It’s through working with other people that we reach most of our goals so choosing the right ones is therefore, essential.

How ugly has society made you?

By , October 30, 2014 6:44 am


With media creating hype twenty four seven, and the pressure that we face on that same timeline to always look our best, it’s no doubt that their is soo many ‘after-market’ ways to make ourselves look better.

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With media creating hype twenty four seven, and the pressure that we face on that same timeline to always look our best, it’s no doubt that their is soo many ‘after-market’ ways to make ourselves look better.

We’ve been made to look one way, in the image of our creators (thanks mom & dad); inyet we find ourselves looking to enlarge or reduce parts of our body, change the color of our skin and eyes, among heaps of others modifications just to fit into what society deems to be desirable. You would be hard pressed to find someone that hasn’t been caught up in this meaningless cycle at one point in their life. I’m been in it, heck – I still am in it. I think their is a fine line to be walked with taking pride in the way that you look, without becoming obsessed with it. Wear respectable clothes, brush your teeth, maybe do your hair every once in a while, and for goodness sakes a daily shower, whether you need it or not, goes a long way.

There is soo many different treatments and surgeries out there today, that I think it’s easy for us to overlook how ugly society is really making us. Here is how I’m looking at:

– Conservative – Keeping good hygiene through daily showers, deodorant,etc.
– Riding the line – Getting hair removed by lasers to avoid having to shave excessively
– Extreme – Different surgeries both cosmetic and not

It’s when you are debating getting into the extreme side, that I think you need to step back and think twice to yourself about: “How ugly has society made me”. If you’re willing to go under a knife to change the way you look, society has done something ugly with the beautiful baby that your parents first brought into this world. It’s essential to always have a level head on yourself, and to love yourself for the way that you are. It’s overwhelming the number of people that think that make-up and surgeries,etc are going to change their life. Insecurity and lack of confidence shines through though, and you are still the same on the inside. Beauty is from the inside out!

title:Employee Background Checks Security Checks On The Increase

By , October 29, 2014 6:31 pm

author:Fred Appleyard
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

In the aftermath of 9-11, and the growing problem of workplace violence, the demand and need for employee background checks and security checks are [Spin] at once| now| immediately [/Spin] greater than ever. Employers are turning to investigative companies in greater numbers to run employee background checks on new job applicants and existing employees, including positions where security may not have previously been given much consideration in the “pre 9-11″ era. Many employers are [Spin] at once| now| immediately [/Spin] requiring security clearances for many non-defense related “high-tech” positions including computer programming. Employee background checks are required by Federal or State law for certain occupations such as jobs working with children, law enforcement, defense contractors, and any Federal employment.
Security clearances
Often, in employee background checks, especially where a security clearance is required, employers may run criminal records checks on the spouse of a job applicant as well and decide not to hire somebody based on their spouse’s criminal record, even if the applicant has a squeaky clean record. In a traditional employee background check, only the applicant or employee is investigated while for a security clearance, the spouse and other family members are investigated as well. This holds true not just for top secret job positions within the US Military, or defense contractors, but [Spin] at once| now| immediately [/Spin] many “high-tech” civilian jobs such as programming as well. Unfortunately in some [Spin] occasion| situation| condition [/Spin]s, whom one is married to can determine their employability. A dishonorable discharge from the US Military will automatically eliminate any chances of getting a security clearance.
In an employee background check, some things cannot be reported: Civil lawsuits, judgments older than 7 years, paid tax liens and collections paid after 7 years, bankruptcies older than 10 years. All over information except for criminal convictions older than 7 years. While employers are prohibited from requiring applicants to provide copies of their criminal records, they can obtain this information from other sources such as private agencies or public records.
Criminal histories or “rap sheets” are not public record in every state. In some states such as California, these are only available to certain employers where employee background checks are required by State and/or Federal law such as ie: public utilities, child care services, law enforcement, security companies, defense contractors.
Credit checks
A credit background check is very [Spin] often| frequent| many times [/Spin] part of an employee background check, however employers are required to obtain the employee’s or applicant’s written consent under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA (15 U.S.C. ยง1681). Many employers consider a person’s credit habits a good judge of character. Following any decisions not to hire somebody based on their credit report, a copy of the report must be provided to the employee, or applicant, so they may have to option to challenge it. Employers cannot fire a current employee for filing bankruptcy, but potential employers can legally reject a job applicant. There are two different kinds of credit checks. A standard credit bureau report is obtained from any one of the 3 credit bureaus, Equifax, Experion, or Transunion. This reveals a person’s credit worthiness, credit habits, credit capacity. An investigative consumer report is much more extensive and delves into a person’s character, mode of living, reputation, etc. This is usually acquired by contacting associates, even neighbors or friends of the applicant to inquire as to their character.
In today’s increasingly security-conscious world, employers feel they have a responsibility for the wel[Spin] away| far| distant [/Spin]e and safety of their employees, company reputation, and liability. Job seekers and employees can expect more employee background checks, and be placed under the microscope more than ever before.

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