The Law Of Attraction – We Are What We Think

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By , December 29, 2022 2:23 am

It’s a scientifically proven fact that mankind uses
only about 6% of our brains. Albert Einstein
supposedly used 10% of his. That leaves an awful lot
of untapped brain power.

Consider what we’ve accomplished with the little bit
of brain power we’ve been using since the dawn of man.
Is it so hard then to consider the possibilities of
what we could achieve?

The Law of Attraction, positive thinking or whatever
you want to call it, works on the premise that we’re
capable of determining what we have and how we live
with the power of our psychic energy.

The idea is that we’re able to direct our mental
abilities, our thoughts toward our goals and desires
and obtain them.

Granted this ability isn’t something that’s easily
obtained. Most people have spent their lives under the
impression that the world affects them. Not the other
way around.

It’s a generally held belief that if fate is
determined by us, it’s through our actions and not our
thoughts. But aren’t our thoughts the basis of our

If our thoughts cause us to act, and that action
results in obtaining our goal, can we not say our
thoughts were responsible for the results? The results
of our actions are determined by our thoughts. Whether
they’re conscious or not, our thoughts do determine
what and who we are.

The Law of Attraction helps us focus our thoughts in
positive ways to everyone’s benefit.

When You Need the Service of Speed

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By , December 25, 2022 6:43 pm

In this hectic, busy lifestyle that runs the modern world, what’s a modern single individual to do to find romance and love? Dating is the usual answer to this dilemma. However, traditional dating costs a lot of effort and time. You will need to invest a lot of yourself just to prospect dates in the first place. This investment in time and resources may not necessarily be the most efficient way to spice up your life with romance and love.

First of all, you really may not have the time to waste. You have your career, health, and other activities that you already need to juggle. Try as you might, finding time for a traditional dating game may be close to impossible.

Even if you do find the time, your date prospecting may end up so badly that you will be wary of trying it out another time.

For instance, the problem with the usual places that people go to, to find dates is that it is usual. This means, you will always see the same people and none of them may have the qualities and characteristics you are looking for.

Before you get hopeless and depressed, consider this: speed dating. There are now a lot of organizations that offers speed dating service for individuals who simply don’t want to have to waste too much time trying to find the right venue and enough singles to choose from.

The Internet gives us instant information, our microwaves cook our food instantly, and mobile phones keep us in touch with others in real time. Why do we have to go through countless of hours and nights of single dates that may not end in the way we want it to.

There must be a way to speed up the process of prospecting, dating and going into a relationship without having to waste precious time. The answer to this really is speed dating.

Finding the right speed dating service to suit your needs and requirements may be the key to adding romance and love into your life. The first step to take in this endeavor is to find a speed dating service that offers these events in your area. This way, you can meet other singles in your area that you may otherwise not bump into. This increases the chances of you meeting that special someone.

Next, find a speed dating service that offers special targeted events. For instance, you can avail of a speed dating service for gays, older women or men, doctors, lawyers, and other special considerations you may have. This way, you’re sure that the speed dating service takes the guesswork out of your hands. In a traditional dating hotspot, you may have trouble finding other singles with the particular demographic you want. Furthermore, you can never be sure if the person you are considering for a date is even single. The speed dating service provider ensures that all participants are single so you can rest assured in this.

Speed dating continues to gain popularity and this means that more and more singles will be using this service. Say goodbye to traditional dating and join a speed dating service that will help you speed up the process of finding someone interesting enough to go out with and perhaps settle down with.

Thoughts on Improving Self Confidence

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By , December 22, 2022 11:58 am

Don’t be fooled. Even the most confident people have their insecurities and the most competent are flawed.

Though we may have dreamt of being the perfect persons we see in other people, we have to understand that nothing can be perfect. The things we would want to happen in our lives don’t necessarily happen the way we want them to be however tactful our plans were. The very things we want to attain will not pass by us so long as we won’t work towards achieving them. It takes effort to make things happen though.

And the self confident people have acquired their attributes not out of luck. An author once said that the most beautiful people do not just happen. They must know hardship, they must know suffering, they must know defeat, struggle and loss before they truly understand the depth of their worth.

Everyone is built for recognition, for achievement, for fame. The capacity to be confident of oneself was not given by random, it lies in all of us. Like with all other things we are in equal standing with that of the fellow sitting next to us. The difference though lies in our personal treatments of the capabilities that we were endowed with.

Initial development of self confidence roots from our childhood, the fashion by which we were reared, the opportunities that honed us to be the persons that we are and our reactions to the challenges that were given to us.

At a very young age, we already know how it feels to be humiliated or encouraged. At a very young age, we are already capable of giving interpretations with the way things happen to us. If at childhood we failed to react positively due to reasons like lack of or improper guidance, poor models and insufficient knowledge, it is likely that the succeeding phases of our lives will become dependent with how the things went during these ages.

But with age comes maturity. And maturity arises from the experiences we are encountering. Experiences, as we know them, are among the great teachers we have. Failure to take advantage of the experiences we encounter will only send us back to the same circumstances until we are able to spot where we have gone wrong. Therefore, we have no excuse that we were not given the chance to improve with each experience.

You see, improving self confidence is just a matter of becoming mature. If you will become complacent with the idea of setting back to lack of achievement and recognition then you will fail to comprehend that life is more than mediocre living.

Everyone can improve self confidence regardless of how we were in the past. What only matters is now- the present. If you would take stock of yourself and believe that you have the capacity to be anything and everything you want to be, you are sure to be a step higher towards achieving self confidence.

There are lots of ways that you may take to help you improve your self confidence. The keys are to have the positive attitude that anybody can do anything and adaptation of the belief that you can be anybody and you can be anything you set your mind to be.

If all else fails, remember the moments when you felt good because you were able to achieve something by feeling good about yourself. That way, you will be encouraged to become a better person you always wanted to be.

Speed Dating in the City of Baltimore

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By , December 19, 2022 4:52 am

Baltimore is the biggest city in the state of Maryland. It boasts of being one of the most friendliest places in the country which is why more than 14 million tourists frequent the area making some call it charm city.

Those who are looking for love but are too shy to go out or are tied up with work may be able to see it happen by signing up on a speed dating service. Trained professionals will do whatever it takes for the person to find the better half.

A very popular website known here and in other cities is The person can register online to be able to get alerts when and where the next event is taking place.

Another popular website is Unlike other websites, the individual is not required to become a member. There is a registration period to join the event and those who choose to pay ahead of time online or by phone will get a discount. is a 3 minute service, which allows people to make new friends. Some might think that it is very hard to make an impression given the limited time but it has worked for some making it also happen for the person. is also a website for speed daters to check out. The registration fee when compared with others on the web is much cheaper. This means the lonely heart out there can meet someone special without too much.

An interesting website which takes speed dating to the next level is This is because 6 strangers share a meal together in the hopes of getting to know each other better. Sometimes it is easier to concentrate in a smaller group than having 20 or more because it is hard to keep note of everyone in just a short period of time.

The various speed dating website conduct the event either in a bar or a café. Each participant will be given a rating sheet later on should he or she would like to go out with the other person on a real date.

Some of these dates will work out while others won’t. Since speed dating services have this on a regular basis, the individual can always go back and attend another one in the hopes of meeting someone much better.

The key to speed dating is looking presentable. This means wearing something nice and always putting on a big smile. Studies have shown that looking happy has an amazing effect on others which just goes to show that first impressions last.

During the conversation, the person should be honest and learn to be oneself the whole time. The individual may find the one on the opposite end interesting but should not feel bad if the other party does not feel the same. Maybe the other person was looking for something else which is a fact of life.

Speed dating in the city of Baltimore is not just for those who are looking for someone of the opposite sex. This is because event organizers also make time to help those who are looking for the same gender.

The person should take the time to fill up the profile and then put under preferences who he or she wants to meet.

The Cultural Morale Behind Jewish Speed Dating

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By , December 15, 2022 10:27 pm

The impact of Jewish speed dating after its introduction by the Jewish Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish Ha Torah is so tremendous that at present it excels beyond the bounds of just the basic necessity when it was at the start conceptualized by the Rabbi for reasons of inter-friendship or mate selection between the Jewish singles to non-Jewish young male and female groups around United States.

It was due to the outnumbered members of Jewish singles that the Jewish Rabbi thought of promoting the scheme on interrelationships thru fun, convenient, exciting, and stress-free planned search for an acquaintance or life mate.

The Jewish Speed dating is a social gathering of group of singles in one organized social environment ushered to the great advantage of interacting with each other by means of interchanging dates between males and females; effective in choosing future mate-types, each, within a specified minutes conversation encounters.

Usually, it takes seven to twenty people to get thru joyous meetings with one another in one single setting during one period of time. The atmosphere of fun is worth the efforts in planning and organizing, and each one has a chance to meet a quality partner-to-be from among similar age group of professional levels.

The cultural moral value level in Jewish speed dating is characterized by the duly monitored conversations of each one, that last a minimum of around seven minutes per encounter of opposite sex couples. It denotes wholesome meetings, no more than merely shaking of the hands, and such interactions give way to seek for repeat dates, and sounds successful by the turn of events later.

Statistics or simple account show that each year, a good result of around several pairs, a number of 50% from among registered speed dates come up with mutual interests of each other’s partners that in some cases result in engagements, or marriages.

How Jewish Speed Dating Considers a Compatible-wise Subsequent Date

During the intermingling of dates, each pair is allowed around 7 minutes for conversation and chance to see and know each other. During the pair’s meetings, each one has a chance to evaluate a mate of his/her choice, and at the moment if the couple considers each other in terms of future option to arrange for a second meeting, they will secretly agree with each other, then will pose to write “yes” or “no” in each other’s registration paper, and go on to the next male or female speed date.

After which, if registrations show that certain couples agree altogether to arrange for a next meeting, because their “yes” signals did matched, they’ll be advised thru e-mail or phone within a period of two days after the speed dating. The matched couple will be provided with phone numbers for them to have a chance where, and when to meet each other.

Speed dating encourages encounters of several times until each one finds Miss and Mr. Right. A great number of at times 80% request for repeat dates. Jewish speed dating takes every possible means to work on a balance ratio on both men and women in their every date settings.

Although, there is no much guarantee in assurance of a perfect balanced ratio, the date providers open new schedules; or rather, if it can’t be resolved, a refund of the payment is its last recourse. It is so, during uneventful circumstances due to bad weather conditions, and consequences exceptional in nature, payments will all be refunded in good faith.

Dating At the Speed Of Sound

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By , December 12, 2022 3:01 pm

The popular 8 minute speed dating event provides date-hungry singles with the opportunity to meet up with a number of prospective singles in just a night. The 8 minute speed dating event can also be a fast, fun, safe and comfortable way to meet up with other people looking for the same thing- a date. In every 8 minute speed dating event, you can enter into a room full of eligible singles who would want to meet someone just like you.

An enjoyable evening of conversation is always a part of the 8 minute speed dating event. There is never a dull moment when you are a more than willing participant in such an event. Every 8 minute speed dating event is set up to give the participating singles crowd with a chance to check each other out safely and in a comfortable venue- among other dating singles.

When you are at an 8 minute speed dating event, you are always guaranteed to find someone that will catch your eye. Each event is always great party that is not to be missed. With a roomful of single people out to meet you, you would surely be having the time of your life. The 8 minute speed dating brings the art of match making in to a whole new different level.

The event works by having willing singles register at an 8 minute speed dating event to become a participant. Registration is usually done by age groups and area where you’re in. A gathering of 20 or up to a hundred like minded singles is brought together at a restaurant or bar set up for such an event.

The participants are usually given time to meet and choose prospects during the mix and mingle periods. After this stage has been set, the participants are given the chance to meet up with 8 other singles of their choosing. They are given 8 minutes each to talk and know about the person they choose. After the 8 minute time limit, they go to one of the other prospects on their list.

After each participant has met with their prospects for the night, they are still allowed to mingle and meet up with other people they find interesting. And to keep everything safe and the atmosphere comfortable, the participants in the event are prohibited to give out their contact information to anyone they meet at the event. This will assure that everyone will feel safe to meet up with other singles without the obligation to give out certain personal information to other singles in the event.

What makes the 8 minute speed dating event click is that it allows singles to meet up live and in person. The group setting and the registration process that is required for all participants makes the event safer environment for people to meet up. The lively party setting makes the atmosphere ideal for singles to meet up.

The environment is comfortable enough for the singles crowd to let their hair hang out and have fun, all the while taking their chance to meet someone that they are compatible with. The 8 minute speed dating event can even increase your chances of making a run for love and possible long term companionship. Being a participant in an 8 minute speed dating event will make it easier for you to know someone who can bring some spark back into your life.

Consider Spirituality in Developing Self Confidence

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By , December 9, 2022 8:30 am

Our development is continuous from the moment we were conceived until the last seconds of our stay.

Nothing comes from nothing. And everything will eventually go to nothing. But unless we have turned into void everything would still be subject to improvement. If we have missed in childhood all the developments we were bound to undergo then adulthood is never too late to give them a shot. All it would take is to gather everything in one heap and toss them all in one try with fingers crossed hoping that all would end well.

The end is never the end of it all though. Depending on your treatment of things, the end might as well be considered as the beginning. The start of a new trial.

All we need is to take the positive attitude and make ourselves believe that some things are meant to fail on our first trials and then luck would follow us.

Our route for development is always towards a specific goal. And since nothing comes from nothing, it is unarguable that we were innately confident. We were all entitled to confidence unless we turn away from this gift, which by the way is the normal reaction of most people who have failed on their initial shot.

Self confidence roots from our inner drive to excel, to show the world how well a man should treat life and how to manipulate the attributes that one is endowed with.

From our birth comes the weak foundation of our inner self confidence. We are then responsible of intensifying this fortress as we age. Being unable to do so is a form of disregard towards the precious gifts that accompany self confidence.

If you failed to develop your self confidence as a child then think of it as a loss that you must learn from. Now, all you have to do is to muster all strength so you can start anew. You have a lifetime to change the course of your life, you have been given all the stock you need to get your world moving. Only if you would realize how beautiful your blueprints are then you could appreciate the worth you have.

If being you, as the created manifestation of God’s love is not enough for to convince you of how worthy you are, then think only of this- God took time to conceptualize everything that you are now.

Imagine, the Divine Being gave you the favor of His eternity. Then you, the creature would put all these to waste because you had failures that you cant get over with? Because you had failures that let you see the imperfections you created for yourself? Because your failures caused you to be less confident of your own beauty? Think again. Heap all your memories and let the best times shine and you will see how wonderfully you were created.

If you do not believe in all these then you might come to realize that for your own sake and happiness, you have to encourage yourself and continue the development that has for long been stunted.

Developing self confidence is never that hard to do if you truly believe that you can develop. The problem though is that you are creating too many walls against yourself and the development even before you have started your attempts. These walls would not only hamper you to see the other side of yourself but would also cause you not to jump over your present negative domain.

The Roots of Low Self Confidence

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By , December 6, 2022 12:42 am

There is no single factor that we can consider as the pool from which low self confidence comes from. In fact, it is the accumulation of mishaps and lacks in the past that we are failing to unearth and give due remedy. It is the outcome of our failure to recognize who we truly are and what are the hampers to our own growth.

Low self confidence is obviously delimiting. It would send us stomping on our endowed capacities and instead, take our failures as early defeats. It would confine is in our comfort zone where everything is safe from potential humiliation and further mistakes. The comfort zones will then make us believe that we must not go out from its four corners because out there, disappointments and losses await.

But even when we tell ourselves how harsh and messed up things may get, we must still not surrender to the inner critic that thrives inside us. We must at all rate, defeat it and show off ourselves to the world.

Low self confidence develops during our childhood. Unfortunately, many of us have parents, teachers, friends and enemies who are keener to our deficiencies than with our talents. They would tell us of our mistakes and kill our inner drives. These may not actually be said direct on our face but their actions and sneers are enough to convince us that we are losers.

Perhaps you live under cold critical eyes that know nothing of imperfection. Or maybe you are the underling of a brother who achieves in school, thus the intense focus on him and frequent disregard for you. Probably people do things for you when they feel like you cant do things on your own.

These are subtle triggering instances that would all contribute to your eventual loss of self confidence.

Because of such poor models and lack of attention given on you, you would soon find that you are really incapable of doing things when in fact you have gifts beyond your own reckoning.

Your belief on their beliefs would then send you blaming yourselves for all your failures. And at times, you would even convince yourself that you are also responsible for the failures of those people you have close contact with.

As a child, sweeping statements will be a commonplace for you. You will convince yourself of how stupid you are even without the reinforcement that comes from the warped people surrounding you.

And as the process goes on, you would learn to ignore the blind negative accusations that other people throw at you. And to add up more miseries on your already-piled up problems, you would learn to accept that there is nothing more to life but defeats and failures.

You faith in yourself by now is much too weakened. Therefor, you would not try to resolve your conflict on sense of self and would not dare plan how to get around this self-tormenting course of life. Solutions and helpful people would come to you though. However, your reactions would either be to push them away or totally disregard them.

Continue at this phase and you would soon discover that salvation from low self confidence is presenting itself to you but you are all too muddled in your own world that it would be way to impossible to cure the problem. Unless, a life changing miracle would cross your way.

Dating Tips for Women

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By , December 2, 2022 6:17 pm

There are women who avoid going out on dating adventures
with men, especially those who have bad first impressions
when it comes to dating.

For these women, here are some dating tips that may help:

1. Look good on your date.

Taking a shower isn’t enough. Wearing a nice outfit that is
comfortable for you and well suited for your date is a good
factor in looking and feeling presentable. Use some perfume
or cologne to add up to your spice. Most men can’t resist
asking women who look good on a first date for a second

2. Never be late.

Sometimes, it’s okay for women to be late due to the
rituals involved when it comes to dressing up and wearing
makeup. It is fine for men to wait for a bit since this
helps men to prepare for the date and loosen up a little.

3. Be lady-like and respectable.

Let the men become gentlemen. Don’t force them to be one.
If they want to open the door for you, let them. When the
door is open, pass through first. If they pull the chair
for you, allow them to do so and thank them for the manly
act. Keep in mind to thank your date for every manly effort
he does in order to assure him that you are acknowledging
him as a gentleman.

4. Offer to pay.

It is a respectable gesture to help out on your dating
expenses. But if your date insists to pay for everything,
don’t resist.

At the end of your date, let him take you home safely. It
is up to you if you intend on giving him a goodnight kiss
as a reward for a job well done.

Good luck.

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