Law of Attraction ?3 Proven Ways to Master Your Money Reality

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The universe is an ever unfolding world of mystery. When you discover the secrets to being a cosmic magnet the world and money will honor your desires.

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The law of attraction, like all other laws, have guidelines that need to be applied for maximum success. While affirmations work for many things they don’t often work very well for manifesting money and that is because of the deeply entrenched belief that most people have about money. It could take lifetimes for those beliefs to change and while that belief is unchanged the money problems continue.

Have you ever noticed that the things you seem to have the most difficulty with are those things which have power over you? Money happens to be one thing in physical realty that has power over most people. If you understood the nature of realty and how it works money would cease to be a problem. It does not have to be this way when you known the post powerful cosmic tools that govern reality.

You can easily switch the dynamic and begin to master money with these three proven steps.

You become the Master and money Becomes the Servant.
Switch your perspective and your world will change. Money is an entity which is here to serve you. You are the divine one, here to experience life in this physical boy. You should never be a slave to money rather should become master above money while money serves you.

It’s a tiny shift in perspective but a powerful one.

Experience is More Important Than Money

Most everyone is trying to use the law of attraction to manifest more money but most people are going about it the wrong way. They are chasing money as opposed to having money come to them. If you limit the things you think you need and begin to focus more on experience than having “things,?you can free up your ability to become a magnet.

The more experiences you have the more expanded you become. Money flows to one who is in an expanded state. The more experiences you have the richer you feel and the richer you act. You value life and the uniqueness of experience much more than you value things. In that state you are not wanting money but money will come and come abundantly. The law of attraction honors that state of being and rewards you for it. As you increase your life experiences you will begin to increase your vibration.

Higher Vibration Makes You a Powerful Money Magnet

As you expand in vibration you increase your ability to draw things to you easily. Higher vibration means more power. There are many advanced manifesting techniques that can dramatically shift your law of attraction practices to the next level. They are phenomenal when used with a clear intention. Shifting your vibration can be quite hard for the average person. When you are bombarded by the daily frustrations of the day, you may doubt that the law of attraction is even working in your favor.

Advance cosmic law of attraction techniques balance you out. They remove mental physical and emotional blocks that are unseen to your present self. They intensify your desires and draw them much easier to you. You will become an easy magnet for money without the struggle. What you want wants you. While others wait weeks and months for what they want the cosmic forces help you in manifesting faster. It’s purely magical!

How to Increase Your Power to Manifest

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Many people insist that working hard is the key to getting what they desire. Those people do not understand the power of generating a magnetic charge in and around their body which sucks the things they desire towards themselves. This secret power can truly transform your life faster than any physical action.

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Do you want to have powerful life changing transformation in your life? Sometimes the manifesting process can see a bit daunting. One minute you are told that all you ever need are 3 simple steps but even after applying those steps you realize that something else is missing.

The Manifesting Secret that Few People Know

You have tried visualization, you have tried affirmations, you have tried vision boards, all with little results. The whole process makes you feel like the little engine that could. You huff and puff but all the while you are moving uphill with great effort instead of flowing like a river. That’s because there is a powerful manifesting science that must be understood. That secret is the power of accumulated energy. Energy is power. It is the energy, emotion and intention that accelerate your ability to manifest.

The Power to Generate Magnetism

The more good energy you have within you with your intentions the more power you generate. You can create a core magnetic charge that literally pulls your desires to you with very little effort. Rather than working or going out to get what you desire you can literally become magnetic to your desires and watch as your desires come to you.

This Kills Your Dreams

This lack of understanding with the principles of manifesting causes many to get quite frustrated. They start of by trying to create a vision board, they do affirmations but somehow they know that something is missing and soon enough they fail to create the results at all. The secret is that they have not generated enough of a charge towards their desires. Those people who insist that manifesting requires hard work do not understand that the human body and mind can work like a magnet creating an energy of magnetic energy that sucks their desires towards them.

Magnetism backed by an increased power draws the right people, the right circumstances with little physical effort on your part.

The Law Of Attraction – Make It Work Today!

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We have been hearing a lot online and offline about the Law of Attraction. Even Oprah Winfrey is a believer in it. However, many people want to believe but just can’t seem to get it to work or don’t know how to work. Well I’m here to show you how to!

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All the ancient texts and religious writtings speak of it. Poets, teachers and sages have prnouched the good news of it for thousands of years. Books have been written about it. Songs have been song about it and people have made a fortune teaching it. But do you know enough about it to use it? The Law Of Attraction is probably the most powerful Universal Principle we know of, do you think, perhaps, you should learn a little more about it and maybe even use it to create your dreams?

The Law Of Attraction at its very basic level states that everything is created by thought and that thought attracts to itself physical things, people, situations and circumstances. Your predominant thoughts are activating the Law of Attraction this very moment and bringing these things into your life!

However, we do not just create and attract the material things that enter our lives, we also create the body we occupy, the personality we display and, ultimately, the person we are and we do it all through our thoughts. Are you creating the life you desire & becoming the person you wish to be or are you like Job and bringing upon you all manner of woes because you are giving your attention to them? Perhaps you are even identifying yourself as a victim and refusing to acknowledge the Law and use it consciously!

The Law Of Attraction is not as big a Secret, as the hit movie would have you believe. Having been in existence since the very begining of time, it is an unyielding, never bending, unbreakable Uiversal Rule. You cannot escape it! There is a great body of evidence that suggests mankind has known about, and utilised, the great Law for about 7000 years. But these teachings were hidden for thousands of years by those people who wished to control the population. Through hiding the laws of the universe and the knowledge that we create our own realities these dogmatic leeches could keep all the power for themselves and ensure no-one opposed their rule. The great Law Of Attraction was actually banned in the past.

It was largely at the beginning of the 20th century that the general public started to become aware of this great law due to the diligence, fortitude, integrity and grace of writers such as James Allen (1864-1912), Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) and Charles Haanel (1866-1949).

Wallace D. Wattles, born in 1860 and died in 1911, was also a forward thinking man. In his great work “The Science of Getting Rich” Wattles states a great truth, “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.” How revolutionary that statement was in 1910.

Haanel set out in a 24 part correspondence course, which is now condensed into one volume called “The Master Key System”, a complete guide to successfully using the Law Of Attraction! It was banned by the Church in 1933 due to its revelations. This is allegedly the book Bill Gates read before he created Microsoft!

Napoleon Hill revealed Andrew Carnegie’s great Secret to the world – that thoughts create things – when he wrote “Think & Grow Rich” in 1937 (although it had taken him 25 years to complete).

James Allen wrote his famous work in 1912 and in “As a Man Thinketh” he tells people that “mind is the master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and that, as they may have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain they may now weave in enlightenment and happiness.”

However, although the teachings have been around for thousands of years and they have been readily and easily available to the general public for almost a century the great majority of people do not take the time to learn the workings of probably the most powerful physical law in the Universe.

I think you owe it to yourself to delve deeper into this mysterious Universe and learn as much as you can about the laws that govern your life. When you truly understand the Law Of Attraction and begin to work with it for you personal advantage, I promise you, your life will change in fantastic, unexpected and unlimited ways.

Begin now to utilise this gift and construct in your imagination the life you really want to live. Seek out ways to remove your own inner resistance and limiting beliefs.

A New Stream Of Income For A Horse-Healer

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Applying the Law of Attraction can guide you into finding many streams of income that are in complete alignment with your passion.

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In my forthcoming book, I share Karen Krueger’s discovery of her gift for healing horses. Recently, through following her intuition, Karen was able to heal one of her horses of West Nile virus. She has helped many other horses through the application of Reiki and other energetic therapies. Here’s a letter from Karen, which I received this week, that demonstrates how applying the Law of Attraction can guide you into finding many streams of income that are in complete alignment with your passion.

Hi Rebecca,

I hope you don’t mind one of your students sharing a spectacular story.

Recently, I helped a friend who had broken her arm do some horse blanket repair. This type of sewing has always interested me, but didn’t know what it entailed. My background in sewing consists of my mother sewing all my clothes from the time I was very young until I was in Jr. High School. I learned to really sew in Jr. High, and continued on making some of my clothes and then recently I began quilting. Sewing has been an intragal part of my life. I have even made clothes for my horses –like leg wraps and ankle boots. But I never knew how to make money at sewing.

SOOO….I really enjoyed helping my friend, and I even more, I enjoyed sewing horse blankets. It is a bit like quilting and there is creativity involved in piecing everything together. I LOVE IT!! My husband is 100% supportive and now he has financed me to start up my own business. I bought a used industrial sewing machine, and my out of work neighbor built two beautiful work tables for me. The basement is perfect place to set up my shop. The local feed stores are promoting my business. Since we live so far out of town where there are lots of horses and farms, there will be lots of work. I am attracting and visualizing the perfect clients will come to me for their horse clothing repairs.

This has come together just perfectly! It’s amazing! I’m finding the equipment so easily, the materials are coming to me easily–for example: On Sunday, I just said to myself that it would be so nice to find someone who is getting rid of old used blankets for me to practice on. And ‘lo and behold, I am driving down the road on Monday, and our neighbor, who just sold his house, had a bunch of junk by the road for the garbage pick up. There was a pile of used horse blankets lying there. WELL, I did a quick U turn and drove up to the house and asked if I could rummage through their stuff and take the blankets. They told me to help myself. Oh my gosh, there were SEVEN Blankets. And they are all salvageable!

You know, I kept thinking of you, Rebecca and how you started with your website business. Didn’t that pave the way for your other businesses? [Absolutely!] I had been trying to think of something I could do that would tie into the horse-healing business. I felt there must be something that I would enjoy doing and could make money at. I have always been independent, and this will give me my own income to support my other habits, more horse healing seminars, etc.

I just finished one of the blankets tonight. It was really fun to repair–in fact, I LOVE IT. I feel certain that this business this will help pave the way for me to become established in the community and develop credibilty with the people I am supposed to come in contact with. And in turn it will help to establish me in the horse healing.

Oh, I also attracted the perfect horse sitter for the week we will be gone to Stockton, CA. She loves horses the way I do, and will be a perfect caregiver for all my horses. She passed the ‘Lucy test’. Lucy liked her! She is exactly what I asked for.

Oh, one more thing happened this week–I wanted to find someone who could come in and organize my house which is pretty chaotic with two-year-old twins. I discovered my neighbor is a specialist at not only cleaning houses, but in organization as well! She’s coming tommorrow.

Since I began applying the Law of Attraction to my life, things are just happening!

I am just so excited. I wanted to share it with you, Rebecca and say ‘Thank you!’ for teaching and demonstrating how the Law of Attraction works.


Karen Krueger

Law of Attraction Classics: Dynamic Thought – The Law that Holds All Matter Together – H.T. Hamblin

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Ever wondered if “Thoughts are Things”, what this has to do with the Law of Attraction? Henry Thomas Hamblin figured this all out and told about it in his book “Dynamic Thought”. He also tells how hypnotism and other occult mental work actually work against this Law – by attracting to yourself things you actually don’t want. You can learn through this book excerpt some of the the precise explanations and instructional examples of how to apply the Law of Attraction effectively in your own life.

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A man is a small individualized part of the Universal Mind, alike in essence but infinitely less in degree. Just as the Universal Mind finds expression through all the Universe, so does man when awake to his own interior powers, express himself by the power of his thought, through his body, his work, his circumstances and his life.

Thus far can he go and no farther. In himself he is an epitome of the Universe, outside of the miniature Universe he has no jurisdiction. By this I mean that man has the power to do what he likes with his own life, but he has no right to dominate other people or to interfere with their lives.

I mention this because there is a pernicious practice being taught today. It is known as “mind domination.” People are being taught that by using what is called the “hypnotic gaze,” by telepathy and hetero-suggestion they can dominate other people. It is quite true; it can be done and is being done. This is precisely the same method as that practiced by certain criminals in America. By this method people are being deprived of money and property–they sign documents they do not wish to sign, simply because they are compelled to do so by “mind domination.”

No one is to be safe from these misguided people. While you sit in a public room or theater somebody may be behind you concentrating his “hypnotic gaze” upon the back of your neck. When you receive a visit from a traveling salesman he may be working some of his mind dominating black art upon you in order to coerce you into acting against your better judgment, simply and solely that he may reap a temporary benefit.

This sort of thing is not only being practiced, but is being taught, both in this country and America.

I mention this in order to put you on your guard against such practices; first, so that you can avoid being hypnotized by these people, and second, that you should never under any circumstances use your mind forces in order to dominate other people. Whoever prostitutes his mental powers in this way is hurrying to disaster. To so misuse the tremendous powers of the mind is to destroy oneself, body and soul.

All who sink to these practices are deliberately creating for themselves an inferno of trouble. The powers of the mind are like electricity; for the latter, if used according to certain laws, produces beneficial results; if used in opposition to these laws, it burns, maims, and destroys. So it is with the powers of the Mind, used aright they lead to success, happiness and all accomplishment; if used wrongly they grind to powder.

Both Hypnotism and Mind Domination are being so largely used and taught that it is advisable to always work against them. These are really a revival of the “Black Magic” of bygone days. Sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy, thaumaturgy, they are all the practice of the same power, and all who use them bring destruction upon their own heads. Sorcery, black magic, or hypnotism, or whatever you like to call it, is accomplished by the lower mind of man.

The higher self, the perfect mental or spiritual creature, the real Ego, has nothing to do with it. This is why hypnotic healing is always harmful. If a person is healed by hypnotic suggestion in about three months’ time either the same disease will reappear, or a new and worse disease will manifest itself. But healing done by the higher perfect mind, that is one with, and forms part of, the Universal Infinite Mind, that is in turn one and part of the Infinite Principle of Good, such healing is permanent and can have no relapse.

By this we see that the higher mind is infinitely more powerful than the lower. Therefore Hypnotism and Mind Domination can be overcome and guarded against by the use of the higher Mental Powers.

To work against Hypnotism, it is necessary not only to live as much as possible in the atmosphere of your perfect World of Mind, but also to deny the power of Hypnotism to affirm the perfect power of the perfect Universal Mind of which you, your higher self, form a part. If you work in this way you will make yourself proof against all Hypnotism, Sorcery, Witchcraft and Malpractice of every kind.

The Law which keeps the Universe running so smoothly is the law of Attraction. It is this law that brought it together; it is this law that keeps it from falling apart.

Those who practice Mind domination are acting in direct opposition to this immutable law. They are trying to do by force that which should be accomplished by attraction, therefore they are encompassing their own mental, moral and physical disintegration.

All the Universe, in all its planes, is ruled by this law; in the Spiritual World it is called the Law of Love; in the Mental World the Law of Attraction; in the Material World it is known as the Law of Affinity. They all mean the same–in essence they are the same.

Just as the electrons are called together in the invisible aether, thus to form an atom so, in turn, are atoms brought together, and by vibrating at different rates of speed, create what we call form. Thus is matter (so-called) built up into all the beautiful forms we see, simply by the Law of Attraction.

It is this law that holds all matter together. If it failed, rocks would fly asunder and all things would disintegrate, because the power that attracted one atom to another would have ceased to operate.

It is the same in the Mental World, everything works according to this same law. It is because “like creates like” and “like attracts like” that it is possible to revolutionize our lives by the power of thought.

I am Charmed, and You?

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Make you life brighter, healthier and more prosperious through authenticity and charm. Possessing charm will greatly augment your overall effectiveness and you will feel grand as those worry lines give way to your infectious smile. By projecting charm you say to others that you are both likeable and approachable.

charm, authenticity, personality

Possessing a charming way will open many doors. The latent charm lurking within you is your secret and hidden away gold mine. Your charm is like a pearl inside the oyster, and once it is discovered and polished can highlight and greatly enrich your personality and success.

Charm is that intangible quality within you, that when uncovered and freed from suffocating baggage, can add a subtle power to your presence that is irresistibly pleasing. The influence of this charm will attract, calm, assuage, placate and delight anyone with whom you come into contact. The ability to win over and influence people is in direct proportion to the charm you are able to summon up and demonstrate.

Charm can be developed like every other quality or attribute of the mind by adopting and practicing some basic rules. Adaptation, the art of agreeing with another person for the sake of amicability is lesson one. Finding common ground through genuine curiosity lowers defenses and paves the way for further exploration. Adaptation is an acknowledgment of another’s ‘right to be?right or wrong. As Voltaire said, “I do not agree with a word you say but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.” The goal is to charm not to reform.

The primary rule is for you to be yourself. Any kind of physical makeover, including that phoney smile, won’t do the trick. Affectations and pretense, even a well rehearsed choreography, is swift and certain death to charm. It is easy enough to attract and get attention by artifice, but to influence anyone beyond surface pleasantries, you must possess the power of charm within. A smile may win a first look, but it takes the conscious power of charm to obtain results. Authenticity is genuine and indisputable, easily picked up by others as the real thing, where pretense is usually unmasked.

By practicing the techniques of charm from within, you can put your prospect or antagonist at ease and even inspire them to do your bidding. Projecting charm requires give and take. The first technique is to listen. You must be an attentive listener interested in hearing what the other person has to say, which also means paying close attention and really comprehending what they have to say and where they are coming from in saying it.

The second fundamental is to always be humble, gentle and polite. By adopting these traits you will project a gracious and friendly manner which communicates the attitude that you are both likeable and approachable. Treat all people that you meet as potential friends. By displaying an open and positive attitude, and making others feel that your own life was incomplete before having met them, empowers them, and in turn they will become endeared to you. Interest, kindness, and humbleness are a major part of being charming. Giving praise is another.

Praise is like a rare gemstone which derives its worth from its scarcity. Praise is one of the greatest motivating forces there is, and when sincerely applied can work wonders. Praise a dog and he is your friend. Praise children and they will glow with joy. Praise your ability with gratitude and you increase the flow of intelligence into your endeavors. Positive praise feelingly applied is an active multiplier. Praise what you have and more will be available to you. Praise is a positive expression of appreciation. In the case of others, it gives hearty and warm approval and breaks down barriers. If anyone you meet deserves your approbation, by all means give it, and in so doing you enhance their appreciation of your own qualities, a win win situation powered by charm.

The third element of charm is tolerance. Life is a compromise, and to realize and accept this adds to ones peace of mind and enjoyment. People are entitled to their own opinion, and possessing tolerance allows respect for diverse opinions, without necessarily believing or sharing them. Respect for another’s point of view will always enlarge your own world view. By exercising tolerance you dispel prejudice and vanity. It is the essential quality necessary to establish the true relationship between divergent situations on an impersonal basis. By becoming tolerant you learn not to take the world and the events and people in it too seriously, yourself included, thus enabling your sense of humor to expand. A true and easy smile and the ability to have a good laugh will relax you, and in so doing, aid you in peace of mind and efficiency. Tolerance and a good sense of humor are indeed additional gems to have in your crown of charm.

Charm is the art of pleasing. You need to be poised along with possessing the ability to act natural. Your ability to be pleasingly spontaneous and to act natural is a reflection of your habits. If these habits have been formed through the proper training of grace, poise and cleanliness, then they add to your charm. Negative habits of sloth, crudeness and loutishness diminishes. Charm refines the essence of your personality and permits the radiant beauty of your real being to shine through. Possessing charm will greatly augment your effectiveness. It makes it possible for you to always present yourself in the most favorable light. Through the glow of charm you will feel healthier and those worry lines will soon be replaced by your infectious smile. So train and equip yourself in the art and power of charm. It will enrich your presence and add immeasurably to your personal satisfaction and happiness.

Why Did My “Perfect Partner” Leave Me? Part two of a two-part series.

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Why a seemingly “perfect partnership” falls apart and how to turn such a disappointment or pain into great personal growth.

partnership, personal growth, attract, vibration, relationship

In part one of this series, we examined: “Why am I NOT in a relationship with the love of my life?”

In Part 2, we’ll look at why a seemingly “perfect partnership” falls apart and how to turn such a disappointment or pain into great personal growth.

So, you made your list of what you want in a guy (or gal) and you attracted THE ONE. You just know this is THE ONE because they seem to fulfill every desire on your list. WOW! You didn’t know you were so powerful, did you? In fact, the realization of just how powerful you are can make your head spin–your vibration soars! And “Oh, I just know this is the perfect person,” becomes your mantra. You begin to see each other often. You spend lots of time discussing everything from your favorite color to foods and sharing life experiences. Where has this person been? Why did it take us so long to find each other? In your mind and imagination, you can see the two of you together forever.

And then, it may be weeks, or months later, you are NOT together and you wonder, “Did I do something wrong? Is the Universe playing tricks on me? I thought this was THE ONE. What happened?” They found someone else. Or you discover something about them that caused you to withdraw from them. Maybe you just drifted apart. One thing is true, the disappointment of this relationship has released a tirade of self-depreciation and reinforced the old tapes–”It might happen for others, but it won’t happen for me” and “I’ve missed my one chance at true love!”

Let’s look at three reasons why a seemingly “perfect relationship” might not last forever:

Reason # 1

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract people, opportunities, situations and things that are in harmony with our dominant vibration. What happens, sometimes, is that that people are harmonious for a while, and then one person makes a decision or changes and sets themselves on a path that no longer harmonizes with our vibration.

Reason # 2

You did not realize that some things in a relationship are very important until the relationship ended. Do you remember the lady who wrote to me in part one of this series? She had not realized how important it is to attract a lover who has healed from past hurts. While she is still in love with this man, he could not remain in the relationship, due to his fear that she would one day leave him as his former lover had. To protect himself, he ended the relationship with the writer. He simply was not ready for a deep lasting relationship. Now, this lady has “healed and ready to commit” at the top of her list!

Reason # 3

Your Higher Self is ready for you to evolve into a more complete self-acceptance. That’s right your Higher Self knows just how much you depend on others for your self-esteem and so it sets the stage for a dramatic (and often painful) situation.

This Higher Self is the True You. The One you’ve shied away from. The YOU you’ve avoided for so long. Your Higher Self has a message for you and wants your attention. It will have your attention sooner or later. And the sooner, the easier the lesson.

I have a client, who is nearly 60 years old, who is being confronted with this lesson and it is so painful to watch her struggle with it. The GOOD NEWS is that our Higher Self only wants our highest good and that includes:

KNOWING yourself

ACCEPTING yourself

HONORING yourself

TRUSTING yourself

LOVING yourself.

Once we believe that we ARE magnificent, delicious, marvelously designed spirits having a human experience–that there is NOTHING WRONG with us–that we ARE COMPLETE–that we don’t need another human to make us whole–then we are ready for the most delightful, deep, satisfying personal relationships. All our desires will manifest in many meaningful and/or intimate relationships.

Ask yourself:

“Am I willing to learn more about myself so I can accept all parts of myself?”

“Am I willing to assign my own sense of worth or value?”

“Do I love and care for myself enough to ‘grieve and get over’ the lost lover?”

“Can I use this opportunity to understand myself better?”

If you ARE willing to grow and learn more about yourself through a difficult loss of a relationship, chances are you will attract someone into your life whose vibration is in beautiful harmony with yours.

Rebecca Hanson is a Master Law of Attraction Coach. Thousands of people have enjoyed her talks or articles about real-life experiences and how she found the “nugget of truth” in every situation. Now she has such a deep grasp of how faith, beliefs and thinking work that she is able to lift others to a higher level, very quickly. You can contact Rebecca at or on her website at and sign up for her free “Museletter?

Rebecca has also written a book called, “Law of Attraction for Business: How to create a business or attract a job you LOVE!? To find out more about this book and other information check out

Sarah Meets Wayne Gretzky – And A Lifelong Dream Is Fulfilled

By , October 7, 2014 6:50 pm


A true story about how the Law of Attraction brought the Hero of a ‘special’ girl to the same city she lives in.

law of attraction, lifelong, dream, opportunity, attract, vibration, prayer, imagine, desire, hope, universe, satisfy

Sarah is so excited! Her whole body is jiggling up and down as she tells me, “Wayne Gretzky and Janet came right up to me. I told Janet I saw her in a movie while ‘The Great One’ gave me his autograph.” I’m excited for Sarah! As her mother, I know that she has just received a lifelong dream–to get ‘up close and personal’ with her hero.

Sarah is my special daughter. When she was born, almost 25 years ago, the doctors told me she would never be able to live on her own. They said she was retarded and would not be able to do many of the things most people take for granted. Indeed, she has Down’s syndrome, but the doctors were way off about her capabilities. She is a very independent young woman, has a job that pays ‘real money’, lives on her own and decorates her apartment to suit her tastes–with life-size Wayne Gretzky posters, two autographed photos, a huge LA Kings banner that she bought when he was with that team and tons of other Gretzky paraphernalia.

She has been a faithful fan of ‘number 99′. She followed him from Edmonton, to LA to where ever her ‘guy’ was playing–glued to the TV during playoffs and proud each time his team won the Stanley Cup. She has made scrapbooks and written letters to let him know that she thinks he is the BEST!

So, is it any wonder that the Law of Attraction brought Wayne Gretzky to Victoria, BC? We first realized he was in town one Saturday night, when we read in the newspaper that he had played golf in a celebrity tournament. “Too bad we didn’t realize Wayne would be in Victoria,” I lamented, as we poured over the photo of him swinging his golf club. We both assumed we had missed a golden opportunity to see him in person.

But the next morning, as I walked through the Inner Harbor, I noticed an abundance of expensive cars and limos waiting in front of the Empress Hotel. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out–that the vehicles were waiting to take all the celebrities to the airport–but once I did, I knew exactly what action to take.

Using my cell phone, I called Sarah and told her, “If you want to see Wayne Gretzky, throw on some clothes and ride your bike down here as fast as you can. And bring paper and pen to get his autograph.” I continued walking to my destination–saying a little prayer, “Please, keep Wayne from leaving until Sarah can get there.” I’m sure she was ‘flying’ as fast as she could pedal.

Later she told me that Wayne and his family came out of the Empress Hotel right at the same moment she arrived on her bike. He was working the crowd and walked right up to her, asked her name, signed his autograph while Sarah made mention of Janet’s part in a movie.

I asked her, “Sarah, was it as good has you had imagined? Or better?”

“Better,” she grinned. “Much better than I ever imagined.”

You know, if the Universe would go to such lengths to satisfy Sarah’s lifelong wish, then NOTHING is too difficult. There is no dream or hope or desire that cannot be fulfilled.

Spiral of Manifestation

By , October 5, 2014 9:45 pm


A powerful technique to help you utilize your power of attraction and intention.


The “Spiral of Manifestation” is a powerful, energy-based technique that assists you in getting “unstuck”. It is a wonderful tool that you can access at any time and in any circumstance.

The Law of Attraction dictates that when energy goes out, it comes back in the same form. This is not a new theory, just one that has not been fully understood or mastered. Our thoughts and energetic patterns create our reality. Yet, are we fully aware of what we are thinking and what type of energy we are putting out? On a surface level you may “think” you are doing one thing- but on another, more powerful level- something else is actually going on. This is what creates distortions in our energy fields and causes our own power of manifestation to be stagnant. To illustrate this theory, let’s look at a couple of examples.

You want to attract a romantic partner into your life. This is a very deep desire and something that you want with all of your heart. So, you set out to accomplish this goal using spiritual principles. You use affirmations, write out a list of what you desire in a partner, light some candles and pray. On the “surface” level this seems as if it is a very positive exercise. But, for a moment- let’s look at what could be happening behind the scene- on a deeper level in your energy field. What are your “true” thoughts? Why hasn’t the relationship manifested? What is the hold up?
The reality is at the current moment you do not have a relationship in your life. You are lonely. When you roll over at night- there is nobody there to hold you. You go out and see all these happy couples walking around and it causes you to feel sad and envious.

You create a “battle” or distortion of energy. You keep saying and trying to think one thing- yet, another reality is showing up in your life. If you find this happening- just understand that you have some thought forms and energetic patterns that are stuck. This is creating “neutrality”.

The first thing to do in this case is to be realistic. There are over 6 billion people currently living on the planet! There is someone there for you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself that only adds to the distortion. Be happy for other people that they have found an appropriate mate for themselves. You just have not met the right person yet. Period.

Use the “spiral of manifestation” to dissolve all the blocks in your energy field. When you start to feel the sad feelings come over you- visualize a beautiful spiral of energy. It can be any color or size you desire. I see it as a tornado shaped energy field. I like to see it in a luminous silver or white color because that represents purity. Just allow it to dissolve the sadness. Do not attempt to direct the energy in any way. Just allow the experience. Let the spiral cleanse and purify whatever feelings come up. Let your thoughts flow. The Creative Power of the Universe does not need your assistance. Trust in your own higher self and the unlimited power of creation to take you through this process. Let go. The Creator knows what you want and what you need. You must trust that. Get out of your own way.

Another example of this theory is that of Prosperity. You, like everyone else, wants great things. You want to be able to pay your bills and have lots of extra money left over to buy what you want. You want to provide for your family now and in the future. So, this is the goal- to increase our prosperity.
You begin doing affirmations, thinking positive and visualizing what you desire to happen. After about a week of affirmations and positive thinking- guess what? You are still broke! You just got paid and it is gone! But, you keep on saying your affirmations. The battle begins. What we are doing is not working. Why? It is not working because there is an energetic conflict. We get angry, “I keep saying all these affirmations and thinking positive thoughts and I still do not have any money”. Are you really thinking positive thoughts? What is going on in your mind? Do you believe what you are saying? The anger takes us out of the natural flow.

First, be realistic! There is unlimited abundance everywhere! There is no lack! The lack resides in your mental programming. Change how you see things. When you find yourself overcome with fear about not being able to pay your bills and the money you need is just not there- call the “spiral of manifestation”. See it enter your energy field- cleansing away all distortion and un-truths. Soon you will find many wonderful ideas on how you can manifest prosperity. Creativity will flow and new and exciting opportunities will present themselves to you.

Open yourself up to the Unlimited Creative Power of the Universe. Remember, there is no lack or limitation of any kind. That applies for personal relationships, money, health etc. Being in a “stuck?space uses a great deal of energy- it blocks your ability to create and causes fatigue. Once your energy field is free of blocks and distortions- you will feel more energized and creative. Use the “spiral of manifestation” to clear your mind and energy so you can receive the unlimited blessings that are available to you.

Paula Picard is a Professional Psychic and Spiritual teacher who utilizes her intuition and 20 years of experience to assist you in co-creating the life you want. Paula believes that within you is the power to manifest your desires. To learn more about Paula Picard and her Powerful work or you can contact her at

Law of Attraction ?How to Create a Powerful Money Portal

By , October 4, 2014 12:33 am


There are secrets to becoming a powerful portal which draws everything towards you. Without this knowledge the attraction process can be quite a hit or miss experience.

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Does the law of attraction really work when it comes to attracting more money? That’s the question on the minds of lots of people. Sure it does work but there are rules and secrets to attracting money that will change the flow of money in your direction once you know how it all works.

Right now you may be feeling scared, frustrated, or just stuck. There is a whole wide world of possibilities to be lived and experienced but it’s all out of your reach because you are short on money. Well so you think anyway. None of what you believe about money is really true even the belief that you need money to live the life that you want.

To Begin with Forget all the Money Affirmations

I know all the gurus tell you that money affirmations will change you mind. Money affirmation will help you to attract more money. Many of those gurus made money telling you this nonsense. You know its nonsense also because you are still reading this article instead of spending the money you should have had from using those money affirmations.

Putting all jokes aside there is a powerful way of attracting and it requires that you first become aware of yourself; your very own nature as a magnet. When you become aware of your own inner void and how to use your divine center you can suck money or anything you desire to you. The law of attraction will become a game to you. Your ability to manifest will increase.

You can get the law of attraction to bring you what you desire when you learn how to draw intense magnetic power towards you first. That is the true secret. First you become magnetic then you draw what you want.

Think of a magnet and how it draws metals from all various angles. It does not draw from one side alone, it magnetically attracts from several sides and it does so very fast. It is irresistible to all other forms of metal.

That is the true secret to applying the law of attraction. Most people have the law of attraction in reverse. You must first become the portal for raw power. It’s a cosmic power so great that you can manifest anything.

Imagine being able to charge yourself that you become irresistible to all the things that you want. Applying the law of attraction will then become easier. There will be no struggle when you create a desire because that desire will desire you.

Money will Desire to Move Towards You

If you understand the nature of energy you will understand that all things are alive in the universe, including the things we consider dead. Energy can never be destroyed; it is always moving and changing form. Money is also energy. As you become more magnetic money will follow you. You will not chase money, rather it will find its way to you easily. The law of attraction will become a game to you.

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