Relationship Breakup – Why It Happens What To Do And How To Prevent It

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By , August 25, 2021 11:29 pm

A relationship breakup happens for a number of reasons, most notably because of either lack of communication or abuse of some kind such as emotional, physical, mental or even substance. It is one thing to have nothing to talk about because you two are probably thinking about different things at that time. But when you constantly not talk to each other and ignore what each other says, then that begins to be a problem. More importantly, finding interesting things to do together and nice projects to work on that both of you can relate to is vitally important to prevent a relationship breakup.

The emotional abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse are significant factors in determining whether a relationship should break up or not. No person ever deserves to be abused, and no on has the right to abuse their partner. A slap is abuse – plain and simple. When you realize that, then you will be well on your way to breaking up your relationship. Mental and emotional abuse is just as bad. When your partner puts you down and criticizes you without giving you encouraging statements, then that is a form of mental and emotional abuse. Even if they say that you “deserve” it, that is not true either. No person deserves to be put down or called “stupid” or “dumb”. If this continues, then it is probably time to breakup the relationship.

When you are breaking up the relationship, it is important to start cutting ties from your partner, such as friends, family and co-workers. You should block him or her on Facebook and other social networks, and delete his or her number from your phone. Surround yourself with supportive family members of your own, your closest trusted friends, and any advisers from your local church or community center.

If your partner breaks up with you, step back and take a deep breath. Find someone who you know and trust and talk it out with them. Cry it out if you have to. In every sad stage in life, there must be some sort of grieving or else that feeling will be bottled up inside you. There are some things you can work on for yourself in order to prevent any problems that might have arose in the past one. Even though it may not have been your fault, aim to communicate with your partner more and to be a better listener. Also be more open to doing new activities. Pick someone who shares your same values and beliefs, and is not addicted to substances or drinking alcohol. These are just some things you can do to prevent a relationship breakup.

Why Double Dating Can Be Your Salvation

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By , August 22, 2021 6:49 pm

Why double date you ask? If you stop and think about it for little bit, it makes perfect sense when you don’t know your date.

Ask yourself the question “Am I nervous because I don’t really know this person?” By double dating you will have another couple that you know and are comfortable with. This way you and your date learn several things about each other.

Your date will see how you interact with your friends and the type of people you hang out with. You will be able to determine, rather quickly if your date is comfortable with your friends.

Then of course there is the reaction of your friends to your date. It is likely you will get a whole different perspective from their view, than your own. However, you need to remember that your friends and your date may be like “water and oil” and not play well together. Be sure you keep an open mind when you get their opinions.

Double dating is a very cool idea when you are dating someone for the first time and don’t really know them. The other couple can often times help you and your date get over those embarrassing moments of silence, when either of you can’t think of something to say.

A word of caution prior to inviting another couple to your date. You want to make sure your friends are real friends and not the casual type of friend you say hello to, when you happen to see them. Otherwise you may find yourself being dumped in hot water, by the so called friends.

It is often best to call your friends who are double dating with you to clue them in on any subject you don’t want bought up. Such as…

1. You peed in the bed until you were 10.
2. Old girlfriends or significant others.
3. Your Mother calls you 7 or 8 times a day.

and of course that list can go on and on. This will most likely apply when it’s your best friend which you have known since grade school.

You should also alert your date that you are going to be bringing another couple on the date. Please make certain that you reassure your date you have known them for quite awhile and they will be a lot of fun. If there is some doubt on your dates side, be honest with them and tell them your somewhat nervous with your date with them.

In most cases you will find your date and yourself will realize how much fun the double date was and how much comfortable you feel around each other. One more word of caution when you’re double dating. Make absolutely sure that you do not ignore your date while interacting with your friends. Not only is it discourteous but it shows your date you have no respect for her.

It’s quite obvious double dating can truly be your salvation if it is handled correctly.

Can I Save My Marriage Its Up To You

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By , August 19, 2021 1:44 pm

It is depressing to see many marriages that are in turmoil, and it is especially disconcerting to see them end up as messy divorces, so you may ask how can I save my marriage? Filing for divorce is not the solution for when a marriage has hit its pushing limits. There are a number of solutions that require that both partners to be fully committed in saving the relationship that they have. The first step is counseling, which enables the couple to have a mediator in dealing with their issues.

In addition to professional services, there are a number of different things that can be done to save a marriage, it is not a complicated process and does not require much outside of both parties working towards the common goal. Below are four things that you can take to heart and utilize to “save my marriage” and improve the odds of successfully avoiding divorce.

First, know that the perfect marriage is a myth. Whenever two people are brought together, there will be problems, including the few that can grow into deal breakers in your marriage. This is a natural result of brining two people together. Even perfect twins differ in likes and dislikes. For the marriage to succeed, the couple must learn to deal with the rough patches and overcome their problems. Seeking perfection will only destroy everything. People make mistakes, work with your partner and overcome the problems you face, and you’ll realize it is possible to “save my marriage.”

Second, good communication is vital, for when the communication is insufficient; the marriage is doomed to face problems. The most vital thing is to be honest with your partner. Just about every issue and problem can be solved if communication is maintained. The third tip is to accept compromise. Many have made this an art, with good reason. The middle ground that will enable a conclusion to the conflict has to mesh with both parties and their interests before it can “save my marriage.” Marriage on a whole is about compromise and knowing that there are times when your spouse will have to give and times when you have to give in order to “save my marriage.”

Really, a marriage is about commitment, the fourth tip. Like a car, if it breaks down, you don’t abandon the car on the side of the road. The only time you do get rid of the car is when there is no hope. Saving your marriage involves the same level of commitment and working towards making things work, if you ever have a chance to “save my marriage.”

Sometimes, the damage to the marriage totals it, and no matter what you do, nothing can change it. Some issues cannot be solved, counseling cannot help. It is in these cases that divorce makes sense. Out side of these cases, divorce is not the answer. Instead, you should work with your partner to solve the issues that plague your marriage, and hopefully you will be able to say that you can “save my marriage.”

How To Get Over Someone You Love

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By , August 16, 2021 8:30 am

If you want to know how to get over someone you love, you must realize that none of the answers are easy ones. No matter how ready you might think you are to move on and get over that person, that you have to ask how to do it at all shows that it’s going to be a painful process. Sometimes it’s a slow process, too. You might think you’re over someone and a year or two later be reminded of that person and feel all the pain and sadness again. That doesn’t mean you’re not over the person, though.

If you’ve had a lot emotionally invested into a relationship and it ends, it’s something that can potentially make you feel sad for years. Maybe even for the rest of your life. But that doesn’t mean the sadness has to be paralyzing or has to throw you into a depression. By getting over the person, you can realize that losing them made you sad, and look back on it as you would any sad loss. It’s the period of time soon after the loss that should be the hardest, that makes you ask how to get over someone you love.

If the break-up is new, often the only way to deal with it is just to face the pain and ride it out. It’s going to hurt, no matter what you do. But there are some things you can do to lessen the pain. You can remove obvious visual reminders of the person, if possible. Photographs of them can be put away for a while. Gifts they gave you can be stored instead of displayed. You can even avoid the places you used to go together for a while. This tip can be found in pretty much every list that explains how to get over someone you love, so it’s at least a popular idea that’s worth a try.

If you’re really having trouble living your life after the break-up, it might be necessary to seek counseling. Simply explain that you’ve just been through a painful break-up and ask the counselor how to get over someone you love. They can offer helpful advice, and can be more specific that generic lists about how to get over someone you love. A counselor can also probably offer better advice than friends or family.

Your friends and family might feel they know your situation too well. Some may have motives for help you get over the person. They might not have liked that you were in the relationship to begin with, so they might want you to get over things or move on to another person too quickly. With a counselor, though, you can safely tell them things about the relationship you probably don’t want friends or family to even know.

Feel free to go to counseling for as long as you need to. If the counselor feels you’re spending too much time dwelling on how to get over someone you love, they’ll tell you.

Love Relationship Advice

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By , August 13, 2021 4:06 am

There are a number of ways to increase the love in your relationship. This love relationship advice will give you a snapshot on how to do just that. In addition to knowing how to show love to your partner more effectively, it is also good to know what to do when it doesn’t seem like the other person is showing love to you. Also, take note of some ways to accept love from your partner and check out some exciting things you both can do in order to increase the love and excitement in your life.

There are several ways to show love more effectively, including giving words of encouragement, spending quality time with your partner, giving gifts, doing things for your partner, and giving them hugs and kisses. When doing things for your partner, it doesn’t have to be something out of this world, but instead something with sentiment and something that shows you care. For example, you can wash the dishes, or feed the pups before you go to work. Or perhaps you can get her that showing machine she always wanted. No matter what you do, put some thought into it and make it meaningful to your partner.

Spending quality time with your partner is important, and it doesn’t take spending a lot of money either. You both can take a walk at the park or even at the beach. Find some boardgames you both like to play like Scrabble or Uno. Go to the store and find a new game you both would like to try out. Challenge yourselves to a rock climbing or hiking trip, or perhaps go kayaking at a nearby lake. Even working on a project you both are passionate about can be a great bonding experience as well.

When your partner doesn’t seem to show you love, it might not be what you think. Many times, they are showing you they love you, just not in the way you might imagine. Everyone has their own way of showing love. Find out your partner’s way of showing love and affection. This is one of the best pieces of love relationship advice. Sometimes, all it takes is to ask them, “What kinds of things do you do to show me you love me?” Sometimes, just because someone doesn’t say “I love you” every single hour, doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Sometimes their actions will speak just as loud, if not louder. Check it out and observe. You might learn some things about your partner you’ve never known before.

Dating Tips for Men

By , September 3, 2020 1:18 pm

There is a great possibility of you not getting another
chance to go out on another date with a woman after
screwing up your first date with her. Here are some tips
that may help:

1. Take a shower.

Looking fresh and smelling good can help you gain a good
first impression from your dates. This is true especially
if it’s your first time to go out on a date with a woman.

2. Don’t make her wait!

It’s important not to make the girl wait for a very long
time. Making her wait is not a good impression at all. It
might seem that you do not care about her, or you may look
unreliable and arrogant. Just get there earlier than
expected. You might even think of a great entrance for the

3. Be a gentleman.

Women feel special when they are with a gentleman. Now go
on and open doors for her and let her pass through first.
You pull her chair and go get her along with the people
around you.

4. Listen to what she’s saying.

Avoid talking too much about yourself. Let your date feel
that you are interested to know her. Listen to what she is
saying and maybe you will have an idea what to say next.

5. Offer to pay.

It is appropriate for you as a gentleman to offer to pay.
It may display an act of chivalry! However, other women
would like to pay half of the cost. Do not resist.

6. Drive safely on your way home.

Take her home safely. Avoid drinking too much on your first
date since you don’t want to ask her about driving your car
because you’re too drunk to drive.

Speed Dating

By , August 31, 2020 7:59 am

Speed dating occurs when people go to a speed dating
place looking for someone who might be a good match
for them. This includes a very quick meeting with many
different people and you see if there is someone there
who you might be compatible with.

Speed dating is when many women and men sit at tables.
A woman and a man will sit at each table for a
specified period of time. It may be two minutes or ten
minutes depending on the speed dating place you are

During this period of time, the two will ask each
other questions and get to know a little about each
other. They have the opportunity to quickly get a run
down on each person and decide if they are someone
they might be interested in getting to know a little
better after.

When the time is up then the women or the men will
move to the next table and talk to another person.

After each of the couples have met and spoke to each
other they will give the numbers of the people or say
which people they are interested in. If both people
show an interest then they have the opportunity to
communicate and go out together.

During the speed dating process while couples are at
the table they may exchange information with each
other also, if they hit it off right away.

Speed dating is not for everyone but some people
really like meeting new people and finding a date this
way. Many people like this method because they get to
meet the people in person and talk with them rather
than online or by going on a blind date.

It is said that if there is chemistry between the two
people then it is immediately recognized during a
speed dating session.

Regular Dating

By , August 28, 2020 2:21 am

Regular dating is the most popular type of dating.
This is because most people like the intimacy of being
alone with their significant other.

Regular dating is going out with your date alone
without other people coming along. Many people like to
include dinner and something to do afterwards like the
theatre, a concert, or dancing.

Everyone has a different idea of what they believe is
romantic. Dinner might be at a fine dining restaurant
and the two of you will get dressed up. Some people
consider a home cooked meal by candlelight dinner the
romantic way to dine on a date.

This can be the best way to go if you don’t have a lot
of money to go out but you want to do something
special. In addition, when you cook a meal for your
date there is more thought and effort put into it and
some people enjoy it much more than they do being
treated to a fine restaurant.

The regular dating experience gives you the
opportunity to get to know your date on a more
personal level than when you are out with other

You can spend the evening talking and enjoying each
other. If you are not comfortable with an intimate
dating experience on the first date then you might not
want to go alone on the first date. You might consider
a double or a group date.

Regular dating gives you the opportunity to get to
know your date on a personal level. Usually, a regular
date will consist of lunch or dinner together and
finding something to do afterwards. Regular dating is
the preferred method of dating for most people because
of the attention and the intimacy.

Online Dating

By , August 24, 2020 9:21 pm

Online dating is very popular today with the advances
of technology and the increase of people who use
computers. Online dating is a system for organizing a
date and can be an excellent way to meet that special

Today, online dating is one of the most popular
systems for meeting someone new to go on a date with.

There are many online dating websites you can visit
and see people who are looking to meet someone new.
You can post your picture and create a profile on one
of them too.

This will allow you to tell everything about yourself.
This way, people can see if you enjoy the same types
of activities they do and you can see if certain
people look to be like someone you might be interested

Online dating has proven to be a successful method for
meeting people and setting up dates. Many people have
continued their relationships and even been married
through online dating methods.

All relationships through online dating aren’t
successful but you may meet a new friend if you are
not compatible for dating.

When you consider online dating, it is important to
remember you need to be safe. The Internet is not
always what it seems and people are not always honest
with everything about themselves.

You should be sure when you go on your first online
date you are somewhere you feel comfortable with and
be sure to protect yourself at all times.

You can have a fantastic experience and meet your
perfect match but you don’t want to be a statistic
because you believed everything the other person said
on the Internet.

Spiritual Or Religious?

By , August 21, 2020 4:26 pm

One of the more interesting aspects of the Law of
Attraction is found in it’s teachings. Fundamentally,
it teaches people how to think. Not what to think.
Learning how to think, helps focus the mind. Many
people discover that focusing the mind, helps improve
their life.

The book and DVD, The Secret, is a good introduction
to the Law of Attraction, but that’s all it is. It
focuses on acquiring material possessions. And there’s
nothing wrong with that.

It’s not wrong to be well fed, well clothed, drive a
nice car and live in a nice home. If you create a
feeling of self that’s capable and worthy, you’ll
attract what you want. You can take care of yourself
as well as others.

The main points of the Law of Attraction is finding
happiness in your daily life. Making the world a
better place for everyone. Finding self-fulfillment
through the power of the mind.

There are many people that see the Law of Attraction
as a deeply religious experience. Connecting them to
others and to a higher power.

The numbers are just as large that consider the Law of
Attraction spiritual but not religious. Religious or
just spiritual, the results are the same: Improving
life for yourself and others through the power of

Even if you consider the Law of Attraction as neither
religious nor spiritual, the benefits are the same.
You’re still using thought energy to get the things
you want most out of life.

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