Relationship Problem Advice – Important Things To Consider

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By , September 30, 2021 6:54 am

Every now and again, a relationship problem comes up. Sometimes either one or both of you are prepared to handle it. You two may be able to give each other advice. But, every once in a while, there comes a time where both of you may need some relationship problem advice from someone else. When you do, there are several important things to consider.

First, talk to each other about it. It does not hurt to revisit the issue a couple of extra times so you both can be sure you covered all the ground you feel could be covered. Sometimes, it could be a simple misunderstanding in the way someone said something. Other times, it could be the way that person felt. And still other times, it could be what that other person did. In many cases, it’s a combination of either one or more of all of those things. The skill here is to focus on what was missed and how you both can correct the mistake in a loving way.

Second, if you and your partner cannot seem to work it out yourselves, then it is wise to see a church counselor or community counselor. The benefits of discussing your relationship problem with your counselor is that you get a fresh, new perspective on the situation, and therefore this might lead you down the path of a more informed decision to solve the problem. Counselors are also good for developing coping strategies for any past pains either one or both of the partners may have with other people.

Even though it may be embarrassing to go see a counselor, it is certainly worth the appointment. Even if your partner or spouse does not want to go to counseling, you should strive to go by yourself. That way you can get a better perspective on how to approach the situation when you discuss it with your partner again. It does not even have to be marriage counseling. It can also be financial counseling or spiritual counseling.

Read some workbooks that either one or both of you can work on together. Not only is it fun, but it will help the both of you to bond together in ways you would have never imagined. Schedule a time where both of you can sit down and work on hypothetical situations together so that if the problems do arise in the future, both of you will be confident enough to work through them and come out stronger than ever.

Don’t Judge a Woman by Her Looks!

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By , September 27, 2021 1:44 am

I know this tip may sound very cliche, but it’s true. At some point or another we’re all guilty of judging something, or someone, based on appearance alone. While it’s not right, we still seem to have that tendency to be superficial. This type of behavior can be very detrimental when it comes to seducing a woman. Women like to be appreciated for who they are, not what they look like. Even those women who have great physical beauty don’t necessarily want to be judged on that characteristic alone.

Women keep the thought in the back of their mind that one day they may want to have a child. If and when they become pregnant, look at all the changes their body goes through. The mere fact that their body has to expand at a very rapid pace to accommodate the growth of the baby is frightening. And the knowledge that their figure may never be the same is equally frightening.

Another thought that women have is that eventually we all get older and less youthful in appearance. We know that in general, a man is considered more distinguished looking when his hair takes on the salt and pepper look, whereas women merely look old. A few wrinkles on a man are no big deal, but for women the first sign of a wrinkle is cause to consider bo-tox treatment, or more. Society has made women terribly self conscious. Bear in mind when considering what you truly believe is important in a woman. If looks is top on your list it will surely lead to a very dissatisfying experience for you, and your woman.

Let me give you a live example of having looks at the top of your list of qualities, a woman must have. My son’s first wife was a beautiful young woman on the outside, but lacked certain traits on the inside that my son was looking for. Within a few short months the lack of these traits began to have an impact on their marriage. And the longer the marriage went on the harder the marriage came for both of them. Unfortunately within less than two years they divorced. Thank goodness there were no children involved.

Two years later my son married a woman who had a more normal physical appearance. However, she had an overabundance of “beautiful traits” on the inside. It quickly became apparent in their marriage that they were very compatible and were happy together.

I’m not trying to say that you have to resolve to be happy with someone you find utterly unattractive. Women all have preferences in looks, personality and many other traits that we have to abide by. It’s a matter of compatibility. But what women do have to take into consideration is that attraction is not just a matter of physical appearance. So take the time to find out what’s inside before you discount women based on what’s outside.

He Dumped Me How Will I Ever Survive

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By , September 23, 2021 8:32 pm

If you are saying “he dumped me. How will I ever survive?” mere words in an article will not give you comfort. It may help to know that while you’ve broken up, you are not a broken person.

When you’ve been in the position that “he dumped me,” you have two fears. The first is that you will never recover from the pain. The second is that no one will ever love you again.

Take heart, dear. The fear is real. The pain is real. But, the situation exists in your head, not in the real world. While one part of your life may be over, your life is not over.

You still have friends and family who care about you. In fact, you now have more time to spend with them. Many times, when you get into an involved romantic relationship, we lose touch with the other people who bring meaning to your life. You now have a chance to reconnect with them.

In fact, sharing your loss with them may encourage them to share their break up experiences with you. When you say, “he dumped me,” that allows them to be vulnerable about how they’ve been hurt. You will begin to see that your pain is not unique. You will also be able to see that other people have lived full and complete lives after a break up.

In addition to having more time for others who you care about, you will have more time to work on the issues in your life. Many times, when you are in a relationship, the activities you care about get pushed aside if your boyfriend isn’t interested in them. This is a good time to get re-involved in the things that matter to you.

If no particular activity comes to mind, then maybe you need to get a hobby! No, really, when you say “he dumped me,” what you tell yourself is that you are worthless. When you take up a new activity and invest in yourself, you prove to yourself that you matter.

There are all kinds of activities you can get involved with. The best thing to do is to join a group, class, or workshop. For instance, joining a hiking club will let you meet lots of people who enjoy the great outdoors. A ballroom dancing class will introduce you to people who enjoy the finer things in life. A writer’s workshop will be filled with creative types.

As you begin to re-engage with the world, you will lose the sense of desperation you felt when he dumped you. You will make new friends who share a common interest. And, you may even meet someone special to spend your time with.

The truth is that you will find someone to date again. Your soul mate is out there.

Your ex may have done you a favor by breaking up with you because now you have a chance to find someone who fits you better.

And, always remember, the best revenge when “he dumped me” is moving on!

Teenage Online Dating – Tips To Keep In Mind

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By , September 20, 2021 3:28 pm

In the world of teenage online dating, there are many things to keep in mind, despite the fact that there might not be any physical contact going on. There are still a lot of factors involved in the teen’s psychological development, especially when it comes to emotional interactions online. Some things you can do to encourage a positive teenage online dating experience are to talk to your teen about their self worth, tell them why you are being strict with their online activities, control which website they go to , and monitor their chats.

The first thing to keep in mind about teenage online dating and teenage dating in general is to talk to your teen about his or her self worth. This has to happen before they get online and while they are online as well. Sometimes teens get online because they are to shy to hang out with their friends. Sometimes this can be a sign of a bigger problem having to do with identity. When you go online, you have the ability to be someone who you are not. You can create a fake name for yourself and sometimes upload pictures of people other than you. The flip side of this is that even if your teen is totally normal, there is a chance that the person they are talking to is not who they say they are. They could instead be a grown forty something year old child molester. This is why it is important to be vigilant about what websites your teens visit and about what they are saying in their chat sessions.

Tell your teen the reasons why you are being strict about their teenage online dating. They will respect you more for it. If they come across some online drama, which happens quite often online, then you can nip it in the bud quickly. A common problem in online dating is cyber bullying. Sometimes when someone knows your teen is dating another person, they will post horrible things on their Facebook or Twitter wall, discouraging or putting down the teen. Activate the appropriate security settings for your teen to block any potential cyber bullies and control which websites they go to. Put monitors on YouTube channels and record their chat logs. Better yet, have your teen get out to meet people physically. That will help them gain confidence about their social skills instead of staring at a computer screen all day long.

Breaking Up Relationships – Getting Back Together With An Ex

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By , September 17, 2021 10:31 am

There are plenty of reasons for breaking up relationships. There are benefits of breaking up and drawbacks as well. One of the things you have to take into account when you break up a relationship is to figure out whether getting back together with an ex is worth it or not. There are some things you should and shouldn’t do if you are considering breaking up.

Some reasons for breaking up relationships is because there is constant arguing going on. There are always reasons people can find to argue, but the core of the matter lies in why you two are arguing in the first place. Is there a trust issue going on? If you cannot trust your partner, then there can be no basis for the relationship. You should be able to trust that your partner will do the right thing in a tempting situation. Perhaps your partner cheated in their past relationship. But if they have never cheated in your relationship and have never given you reason to think that they did, then you should probably continue to trust them. Trust is a virtue that must be earned, and if it is broken it will take time to rebuild that trust again.

Another reason for breaking up is the lack of communication. Sometimes one or both partners completely close off from each other for one reason or another. The usual excuse is the typical “I have a lot going on.” Well, if there is a lot going on, then you should talk about it. There is nothing worse than having something bottled up inside you for a long time. Those feelings will only fester and cause you to worry even more. Partners should talk it out and try to bring a resolution to the problem.

Talking out a problem with someone you trust will surely do your emotional attitude some good because just the fact that you are being heard and someone is listening to you is worth some of the best advice in the world. As you probably already know, sometimes all you need is a shoulder to cry on or a person to hug. This might be one of those times, so take advantage of it. You will know who your true friends are here.

One benefit of breaking up is the fact that you can get some air. Perhaps your partner was smothering you and keeping you from seeing other people due to jealousy. With the break up complete, you can now go out and enjoy yourself. Another benefit of breaking up is to work on yourself some more. If you still need some personal growth, then now is the time to do it. Once you have better confidence in yourself and better self esteem, then there will be greater opportunities for a successful relationship between you and your future partner.

Take these things into account when you are considering breaking up relationships because you just might have to apply some of this advice to your situation.

Avoiding Scams In Search of Love On The Internet

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By , September 14, 2021 5:16 am

The Internet can be a place where you find true love. But if you create a profile on a dating site, it is very important for you to keep your eyes open. You risk being tied to a subscription that you may find it hard to get out of again.

Read The Sites Terms of Use

It is important that you read the dating site’s terms carefully before you create a subscription.

Examine among other things, how long you lock yourself into that particular dating service. You should be certain to Double Check for a cancellation clause. Some of the places you can find the cancellation clause may be varied and difficult to see.

It could be buried in the “Terms of Use” page, it could be hidden under the purchase button in a very light shade of grey or even in the confirmation e-Mail you receive. However you should find that the vast majority of legitimate on line dating sites will make this information very easy to find.


If you can not find clear and adequate information on the time period, the price and the cancellation notice period, be careful not to join the site.

Check others’ experiences with the site

It’s also a good idea to check online whether other users have good or bad experiences with the site.

Consumer advocates, various State and country agencies, including State and Country Attorney Generals, have received complaints from consumers who have reported that after creating a free profile, on a dating site, they must upgrade to a paid membership to read messages from other users. In many cases these messages are auto-generated and or tailored to match what the consumer was looking for when meeting another member.

However, by reading the auto-generated messages, on the site, while thinking it was free, the consumer was automatically upgraded to a paying membership or was told to upgrade to read the messages. And when they did they were locked into a long term membership.

Once this was done, they found it extremely difficult to get out of the subscription when trying to cancel and get their money back. There have also been examples of the profile suddenly appearing on multiple sites because the owner of the site for marketing purposes has several sites with different names.

Cancellation and Refunds

Depending on the dating site, you basically have from 14 to 30 days to cancel, when you subscribe on the web or your mobile phone. In other words you can cancel the service anytime during the time period. However, as stated above you may find your self being charged for a full month, if you read the site’s messages to you. So be careful! read the entire “terms of use” and know what it is going on

Create a free profile on a dating site, you may find that you need to upgrade to a paid membership to read messages from other users, and it also means that you waive the opportunity to withdraw from the contract. Always read the terms carefully before you upgrade your membership.

Rights to images

Please also note that if you give the rights to the images/pictures you upload to your profile, you may run the risk of giving, that dating site, to use the images in their marketing.

Avoiding scams in search of love isn’t difficult. You just need to make sure you read the terms of use and know what you are signing up for and the permissions you are giving to the dating site.

Relationship Help – Great Resources To Use Right Now

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By , September 11, 2021 12:28 am

Every relationship needs help at one time or another, whether it be you and your partner helping yourselves out or seeking outside assistance for your problems. The first thing to note is that it is okay to ask for help. You should not feel ashamed or embarassed to know that you need to ask someone else for guidance. There are plenty of resources you can use to get both of you back on the right track. This includes counselors, family, church, and community resources.

Counselors are a great resources, especially if they are used properly. You can visit a counselor while you are in a relationship, and even before you get into a relationship. You can also visit a counselor before you get engaged, while you are engaged and even during marriage. Church counselors and community counselors are available to you. You can have a church one and a community one in order to get a different perspective on problems that might come up. Financial counselors are great too. Even though a financial counselor might not seem like it has to do with relationships, it certainly does. Finances have a big impact on how the relationship develops. If the finances are poor, or if there is misunderstanding on how one partner does the finances, then there will be confusion. And with confusion comes stress. Financial counselors are a great resource to take advantage of.

Family can be a great resource as well. Talk to family members who you trust and preferrably are in great, long lasting relationships themselves. This is because they can share with you how they went through whatever experience you two might be going through. Family can also be there for you when you are going through tough financial times.

Church and other community resources are good sources of relationship help as well. Even when you both don’t seem to need any help, it is important to make friends with other couples in the church who are in healthy relationships and marriages so that you all can encourage each other and give each other help when times get tough. When church friends and community friends are there for you, it is much easier to find someone to talk to when something comes up. Community resources are also available such as help lines, crisis hotlines and walk-ins. Look at your local directory to see which ones are near you.

Dating Abuse – Types Of Dating Abuse

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By , September 7, 2021 7:43 pm

There are three main types of dating abuse that you should be aware about when you or one of your friends are dating. The main types of abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. There are distinct differences between the three, and when you are aware of what each means, then you will be able to identify it at the drop of a dime.

Physical abuse happens when someone actually does something physical to hurt the other person or knock that person off balance against their will. For example, if a man is upset at his partner and he slaps her across the face, then that is physical abuse. Another example is when he shoves her out of the way while walking past her. If she did not approve of this or is not in the mood for it, then it can be counted as abuse. In fact, there is no time when anyone should be pushed, shoved or hit. Other examples of physical dating abuse are when one or both partners are kicking, scratching, biting each other or throwing things at each other. The reason why this is so bad is because it can easily escalate into domestic violence where someone can get seriously hurt or even killed. If you see this happening, then run quick!

Emotional abuse happens when one partner calls the other partner names or puts them down. There can be emotional abuse without physical abuse. It is one thing to give constructive criticism, but to tear someone down or to belittle them, especially in front of other friends and family is not good at all. If someone is to point out something wrong that you did, then there must also be a solution mentioned, and it must be presented in a courteous way. No person deserves to be called any names or be bullied. Another form of emotional abuse is when one partner neglects the other partner. He or she either keeps them away from seeing friends and family, or they don’t even spend time with them. Either one is a dangerous form of emotional abuse, and if you see it, then run quickly.

Sexual abuse occurs when your partner forces you to do something sexual against your will, such as touching, kissing, or having sex. This can easily escalate to physical abuse like hitting, shoving, kicking, scratching, etc. If you see any of these forms of dating abuse happening in your relationship or the relationship of one of your friends, then tell them to leave quickly. Everyone will be better off.

Restoring Broken Relationships By Going Back To The Basics

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By , September 4, 2021 2:22 pm

With social networking sites becoming more and more popular, people are now able to communicate constantly with their loved ones and partners. Time and distance are irrelevant here because the worldwide web allows you to send a message with just a click of your mouse.
At first glance, you think this is a very great idea. You simply have to sign up with a site, get in touch with everyone in your lives, and post comments on your wall, but when it comes to relationships, the old-fashioned methods are still so much better. Facebook and Twitter might work for long-distance relationships, but when you live in the same city as your partner, then you might have to rethink about connecting via the net.

The Downside of Technology

The problem with technology is that things have become less personal. Hence, this could also cause the relationship to break down and fall apart. Just know that you should never air your dirty linen in public. Some people have obviously taken this belief for granted. They write what they feel on their walls, badmouth people they know, or simply announce to everyone how much they love their partner. Sure, it can be romantic, but then again, some things are better left private.

Bring on the romance when you’re together. In all honesty, most of your friends don’t really want to listen to your baby-talk. And when some of them do react, you don’t take this too well. You have to realize that once you put your emotions on the wall, this is subject to public opinion. So, if you’re not ready to be judged, then you better be careful with your statuses.

Going Back to Basics

Restore your relationship by making things special. Share experiences only with him. Remember, what you say to your partner should stay with just him. When love is involved, whatever comes out of your mouth has a big impact.

So, whenever you have a fight, think twice before you tell everyone else that you’re having issues. It’s better to talk directly and hash out your issues. This means that when emotions are running high, it’s time to take a step back and think about what you say or do. Make decisions when you’ve cooled off. Plus, it’s always nice to throw in a bit of mystery in your relationship. Loving someone is such a personal thing.

Love and Romance

When it comes to love, you also have to realize that a little bit of effort goes a long way. You have to make your partner feel that you’re willing to do something extra just to show them how much you care for them. A little ‘love you’ on the wall may win you some extra points, but a letter or time alone is worth so much more.

The fires of intimacy last longer when there’s actual contact. Plus, think about why you’re in a relationship in the first place. It’s because you want the physical presence of someone when you’re in both the highest and lowest points in your life. The only opinion that matters is right now and is from your other half.

So, let social networking sites be just for your friends from far away and live your real life with your partner and the people that you’re close to. To rekindle the love in your relationship, it’s better to go back to the basics.

Teenage Dating – Things You Should Know

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By , September 1, 2021 10:07 am

There are several issues that come up with teenage dating, all of which needs to be addressed, seeing that that those who are dating are under eighteen and are minors. Some of these include your teen dating an older person, sexting on the cell phone and talking to your teen about dating.

At one point or another, you may find yourself at a point when your teen is dating an older person. If this happens, then the first thing you should do is to find out if that person is over eighteen years old. If it is, then you should cut them off right there. If according your discretion, you see fit that they both can go on a supervised date, then you can do that. But the general consensus is that it is not good for an eighteen year old man to take a seventeen year old minor out on a date alone with each other. First of all, she is not of a legal age, and second of all, they are not supervised.

Sexting is becoming a big problem in modern society, especially given the fact that almost all middle school and high school teenagers have cell phones now.. Sexting is when one person texts sexual messages to another person in order to simulate sex. It is important to monitor what your children are doing. There are some apps out there that will tell you where your child is at by using a GPS signal and sending it to your phone. You should also monitor the text messages they send out by checking their phone and checking the minutes and data usage on their devices. If your teen’s sexting behavior is getting out of hand, then you and your teen should see a counselor to get the situation under control.

It is important to talk to your teen about dating. Sometimes it might seem difficult for you, especially if you had a rough dating life yourself. The fact is, that if you had a bad dating life, then it is even more important for you to talk to your teen so you can tell them what kinds of lessons you have learned. It is better they learn from the mistakes of their parents instead of learning from their own mistakes out on the streets of hard knocks. Your teen will not only thank you for it, but they will love you years down the road when they look back and remember how much you stood by them in their teenage dating years.

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