Spiritual Or Religious?

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By , January 30, 2023 11:52 pm

One of the more interesting aspects of the Law of
Attraction is found in it’s teachings. Fundamentally,
it teaches people how to think. Not what to think.
Learning how to think, helps focus the mind. Many
people discover that focusing the mind, helps improve
their life.

The book and DVD, The Secret, is a good introduction
to the Law of Attraction, but that’s all it is. It
focuses on acquiring material possessions. And there’s
nothing wrong with that.

It’s not wrong to be well fed, well clothed, drive a
nice car and live in a nice home. If you create a
feeling of self that’s capable and worthy, you’ll
attract what you want. You can take care of yourself
as well as others.

The main points of the Law of Attraction is finding
happiness in your daily life. Making the world a
better place for everyone. Finding self-fulfillment
through the power of the mind.

There are many people that see the Law of Attraction
as a deeply religious experience. Connecting them to
others and to a higher power.

The numbers are just as large that consider the Law of
Attraction spiritual but not religious. Religious or
just spiritual, the results are the same: Improving
life for yourself and others through the power of

Even if you consider the Law of Attraction as neither
religious nor spiritual, the benefits are the same.
You’re still using thought energy to get the things
you want most out of life.

Build Self Confidence Through Introspection

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By , January 27, 2023 5:17 pm

Nobody knows himself better than him.

This seem incredibly true for those who can actually handle themselves and those who can actually benefit from the knowledge they can derive and use from knowing who they truly are.

Introspection is the habit of looking inward. Like most human activities, this would either assert positive or negative effects. There are times that reflection of one’s image may create healthy products in the person. That is, when he is focused on his entire being and in return, considers this whole picture as an effective juncture to find where and what is missing and lacking. That way, he would find means of compensating for such. However, introspection may also turn against a person when it has become too focused on the negative aspects of one’s personality. This then is called thought rumination.

Thought rumination is somewhat similar to that of a caged hamster. This is a way to run in tight circles by obsessing one’s self on a loss, or a problem or any form of ambiguity that hinders the moving on process.

But in order to build self confidence, one has to know where the problem truly rooted. This can only be done by reflecting one’s values and behaviors. If you find it hard to detach yourself from the actual situation or to stay away from thought rumination, you may rely on other people’s assistance.

But you see, any form of self analysis is beneficial so long as it is properly guided. Depending on your focus, you can either help take out yourself from having too low self confidence or to land on the floor face flat.

If you can redirect your focus on your attributes that will help you build yourself confidence then by all means do. Sometimes, even when people are around to help us, it is only we that we can actually raise ourselves back. Life changing routes usually happen when we pass by a path and find that path to be the right way for us. People may point us to our direction but without our willingness to drive us there, no amount of help can truly help us except when it comes from our self.

Self motivation will greatly affect the ways by which we build our self confidence. Unlike the detrimental habit of saying- “my life is messed up” or “my life is nothing but a good way to kill time”, you can use positive reinforcements and say otherwise.

You may not have realized it but you are a genius in your own fashion. A philosopher once said that all men have an innate beast within him. True and we can actually see these beasts manifesting in our daily affairs. Yet this truth does not negate the fact that all of us has an innate genius struggling to come out. This genius will always perform for our benefit if only we would recognize and help him grow.

It is not only negative to demean yourself but it is also unfair for the good person in you. Let that person shine and rule over your life and you will see, life truly has more than imaginable brighter sides.

In one way or another, you have to discover how to build your self confidence to actualize that genius. Whether you choose to have somebody else’s help or find your own way to realization.

The Right Time to Kiss Your Date

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By , January 24, 2023 9:46 am

Some men may not know or do not have the slightest idea if
a woman is ready to be kissed. These men may be sitting
beside their dates talking too much they suddenly realize
how the lips of their dates are so kissable.

Their imagination will then take control, but this would
also mean disaster if done wrong. This may often leave
these men without a second chance for another date with the

If a guy finds himself talking to a girl and wondering if
she’s ready to be kissed, he may softly touch her hair and
give a compliment about it.

If the girl shows a favorable reaction, this may be a sign
of getting closer to a kiss. Get closer and try reaching
for her hair again.

Touch the hair tips and simply gaze on her lips and eyes.
The fact that she does not mind about you getting closer to
her is a sign that she is comfortable. This is a sign for a
guy to go and kiss the girl.

Some guys try to go out on an adventurous date in order to
make the kissing move more suave and natural. One
particular example is a guy who usually takes a girl to a
small boat ride on a river.

Upon sailing along the river, he happens to direct the boat
to a place covered with trees and fireflies – truly a
romantic place to kiss.

A guy can also take her date to some ancient ruins in a
local spot and manage to spend time walking until dark.
These ruins usually light up at night.

The guy can take his date to the top of the ruins where
they can see the city all beautifully lit up. This is when
the guy should make a move and kiss his date.

The First Step To A Better Life

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By , January 21, 2023 2:40 am

Asking and wishing for what you want doesn’t always
mean you get it. We all learn that lesson as children.
Learning how to ask is a lesson many people never
properly learn. Knowing how to ask for what you want
can mean the difference between getting it and just
continuing to want it.

Even more important than knowing how to ask, is
knowing what you’re asking for. Understanding what you
want and the reasons you want it can give you valuable
insight to the thought process that is necessary to
achieving your desires.

Asking for riches without know what you want those
riches for may not bring you the happiness and
satisfaction you anticipated. Realizing why you want
money can help you understand what your real desire

Do you want it to provide security for your family, or
because you really want the power money buys. The
goals here are different. And while obtaining one,
doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get the other, it
also doesn’t mean you will either.

Asking for another job is good example. Why do you
want another job? Is it a second job you want? Or one
that pays more? Or are you really wanting a job that
you can enjoy doing? Not knowing why you want another
job, can lead to dissatisfaction when you get what you
asked for.

So the first step is learning yourself. Knowing what
you really want and why you want it.

Dating Tip: Make Her Feel Good About Herself

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By , January 17, 2023 7:33 pm

Dating is the chance to know a person. Surely, men can’t
resist the temptation of impressing their dates, especially
if the one that they are dating is someone they want.

-Enough about me, I want to know more about you-. This is a
simple line that can show your interest to your date. The
sincerity of truly wanting to know your date makes this
line much stronger and believable.

In a date, you surely will look and hope for good things
about the girl. Unfortunately, you will also see her

You should not expect your date to be perfect since this
will ruin the entire date because she may not live up to
your expectations.

You have to let her know and feel that her not so good
traits are just minor set backs for you. Let her feel that
no matter how the world would react about her not so good
traits, you are not ashamed of being with her.

Let her see and feel that you can get along with her. You
can smile, laugh, and even do crazy yet nice stuff with her
if possible.

Making her feel good about herself will help you earn her
respect. This will surely mold you into someone

You may even become a gentleman in her eyes. She will
surely tell her friends about someone who makes her feel

Making someone feel good about herself in a date is one
honorable act that will provide you with a set of favorable
events that can lead to love and romance in the long run.

Advises to Help You in Increasing Self Confidence

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By , January 14, 2023 12:56 pm

Confidence is the stuff of life that we are all made from. The difference just comes with our understanding and acceptance of things. Some people are just keener at recognizing themselves and their capacities than others.

It all lies on our perception of our selves, our understanding of possibilities and our capability to put our understanding and perception to good use.

Like being rich, we think that self confidence is something that all others have except us. You see, life was created equal and it is meant to be equal. Inequality just comes with our notions of what we already have yet fail to recognize and what others have that we crave for.

Don’t be harsh with yourself. Don’t deprive yourself from the enjoyment of life. Take stock of yourself and refrain from making excuses such as looking at your neighbor’s fences while blinding your eyes from the gold mine that is present in your own grounds.

All has a beauty that no one can take away save ourselves. We were all gifted with talents and skills and beauty and wonder along with the gift to use or disregard them. But once we recognize our potentials, we will find that life has more to offer than mediocrity.

We have to understand though that there are a couple things that we are limited from. But these are compensated by the fact that we carry the potential of excelling on other things. Only we have to find our veins and fortes.

Our understanding might be limited with our past experiences. Yet this does not negate the fact that we can widen our perception towards ourselves if we just push one step higher towards creating positive images of who we truly are. Remember that our improvement and our downfall our dependent on how we choose to carry things. It doesn’t mean that when your fellow achieves far better thing, he takes these achievements from your own vaults of potentials. It just means that he was ale to recognize his capabilities and put this discovery on his own advantage.

Generally, self confidence and the manner by which we increase them are achieved only when we dare to do things that we first thought are way out of our own capacities. We sometimes fail to recognize that simple things can help in delivering to us the glories of confidence.

We can achieve the development of our confidence is a multitude of ways. Activities like developing your verbal skills through writing and public relations will help largely in increasing your sense of self. Most of us have the fear of facing the public. Yet once we get over this fear, we are likely to discover more of our capabilities later own. You may also find reinforcement of self confidence from cultivating your innate talents.

Say you are fond of combining notes and poetry, or you have the natural tendency to get involved with music, you can help save yourself from low confidence by redirecting this interest to more useful activities. You can perhaps write music and allow others to appreciate your compositions or get involved with poetry and develop the genius in you.

There are endless possibilities, you just have to be open to them. Remember that the only being that would stop your from developing is yourself and the only being that would spar you towards your own happiness is also yourself. Decide- will you be your greatest enemy or your greatest help?

Guides to Help You in Gaining Self Confidence

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By , January 11, 2023 6:01 am

Self confidence is one of the many things we think everyone else have expect us. Don’t be harsh with yourself. Of course you are in equal footing with the person standing next to you. If he has the confidence you admire and you loath for not having the same confidence then don’t get caught with the idea that you can’t be like him. In fact, if you just set your mind to gaining confidence then you are sure to be like him someday.

People are not born with confidence. We have to develop it and there are many interplaying factors that must be put to balance before we can actually create an ideal self confidence that would guide us through our achievements.

Self confidence stems down from within and in how we think and feel for ourselves. Its development is affected by things that we normally don’t have control of. Say, the models we had who either encouraged us or who watched us fall face flat. It is also affected by the events in our life to which we either reacted positively or negatively, thus our anchors for developing our own sense of self. It is also dependent on how well we were able to maximize our potentials.

Here are some guidelines that you can follow to lead you in gaining your self confidence:

If your past bothers you and you think that it has greatly affected the level of your self confidence (which is by the way a solid truth) then just remember one thing- anyone can begin something at any given moment of his life. You can always start gaining your self confidence even if you are already staring to have those dreaded lines in the face.

The past is a stale check, the future is a blind hope. You can only bargain on the “now” that you have. Build your foundations on it and start anew. It is never too late to gain back the confidence you have lost or the confident you never actually have.

Take stock of yourself. From the moment of our birth to the day we die, our gifts would remain in us. The difference though lies in the way we were able to accept and enhance these realities. If we would only recognize the innate genius that lives in each of us then we would be able to achieve far more than our wildest dreams would command.

We only have one life and we only have one self to live with. Why waste this life because the self did not believe in the potentials he has? Now, if you don’t want to fall into history who is someone who failed to start dreaming then you must act now and be convinced that dreams don’t starts with “d” and end with “s”. Instead, it ends with reaping the fruits of your achievements and starts with believing in yourself.

Sometimes, lack of self confidence is only a product of our imagination. There are people who believe in us, only we don’t believe in what they believe. We choose not to listen to their encouragement because we find no hope in things. We make ourselves believe that we are not capable of doing anything good when actually, there are those people who stand in awe of our subtle achievements. You won believe it but sometimes, these things do happen. And when they do, the people who are caught in these instances are often unaware of their value to the other person caught in the same event.

Three Steps

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By , January 7, 2023 10:38 pm

These three steps are the foundation for the Law of
Attraction. Whether we realize it or not, the Law is
always working. Positive attracting positive and
negative attracting negative. Therefore skipping
steps, may cause results that differ greatly from what
you intended. Know what you desire and ask for it

Knowing what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Aside from the basic physical needs, your mind is
filled with wants, desires and fears. Conscious and

You need to know why you want the things you want.
Maybe what you really want, isn’t what you’re asking
for at all. The conscious thoughts produce the same
amount of energy as the unconscious ones. And if
they’re contrary to one another, you’re defeating

Believe that what you desire is already yours

Visualizing you having already achieved your desire is
an important step. It’s the “positive thinking” step.
Focusing on having it will create positive energy. The
completion of your desire is a result of this positive


This step is the one where so many people lose it.
It’s the completion of your desire. Allow yourself to
acknowledge your right to have your wishes fulfilled.

For many accepting this is the hardest part. If you
consciously or unconsciously feel you don’t deserve
what you’re asking for, you won’t get it. If you don’t
believe you’re worthy of having your desires come
true, they never will.

The Secret

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By , January 4, 2023 4:16 pm

For many, “The Secret” hasn’t been a secret for
centuries. It’s been going by different names. Every
other generation feels the need to rename it. To make
it their’s. But changing the name doesn’t change the

The concept of “positive thinking” was the last topic
and the “Law of Attraction” is the newest. But the
focus is still the same. What you think will happen,
will happen. Your thoughts will manifest themselves
into your reality. The words change, but not the

Focusing on negative things will cause these negative
things to become reality. If your life and mind are
filled with anger, hate and dissatisfaction, you will
find yourself surrounded by those very same things.

Learning to focus your thoughts on positive things,
love, happiness and contentment will have the desired
results and your life will be filled with these
positive things.

Just wishing for the good things in life will not make
them magically appear right before your eyes. It’s a
learning process in which you teach yourself to change
the way you think.

The average human mind tends to focus on the negative.
Worrying about fears, whether real or imagined,
consumes much of our thought process. It’s part of our
survival instinct. Often this takes place on an
unconscious level, and we don’t even notice these

The Law of Attraction is the way to change your
thinking process. Regardless of it’s name, the result
is the same: Improving your daily life through your

Dating Tips for Men

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By , January 1, 2023 8:56 am

There is a great possibility of you not getting another
chance to go out on another date with a woman after
screwing up your first date with her. Here are some tips
that may help:

1. Take a shower.

Looking fresh and smelling good can help you gain a good
first impression from your dates. This is true especially
if it’s your first time to go out on a date with a woman.

2. Don’t make her wait!

It’s important not to make the girl wait for a very long
time. Making her wait is not a good impression at all. It
might seem that you do not care about her, or you may look
unreliable and arrogant. Just get there earlier than
expected. You might even think of a great entrance for the

3. Be a gentleman.

Women feel special when they are with a gentleman. Now go
on and open doors for her and let her pass through first.
You pull her chair and go get her along with the people
around you.

4. Listen to what she’s saying.

Avoid talking too much about yourself. Let your date feel
that you are interested to know her. Listen to what she is
saying and maybe you will have an idea what to say next.

5. Offer to pay.

It is appropriate for you as a gentleman to offer to pay.
It may display an act of chivalry! However, other women
would like to pay half of the cost. Do not resist.

6. Drive safely on your way home.

Take her home safely. Avoid drinking too much on your first
date since you don’t want to ask her about driving your car
because you’re too drunk to drive.

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