Getting Started

The way to get what you want through the Law of
Attraction is learning to control your thought
process. Negative thoughts produce as much energy as
positive thoughts.

Thinking about your fears and saying “I don’t want
that” is probably going to result in your fears being
realized. Cosmic energy is literal. It doesn’t
understand “I don’t want”.

It produces results based on energy. So if you’re
producing more negative energy than positive, your
results are going to be negative.

Training your mind to concentrate on the positive
instead of the negative is a necessary, but often
difficult process. People are worriers.

It’s a survival thing designed to help us remember and
avoid the dangers of life. But being aware of our
fears and letting them control our thoughts are two
different things. Turning the negative fears into
positive thoughts is the key.

Your thoughts are yours. They can be your faithful
servants or your masters. Which ever you allow them to
be. You have the control, you make your choice. You
determine which course your thoughts take.

Learning to control your thoughts can be done by
learning to control your will. By mastering yourself.
Phrases like “I am master of my self” can lead you in
the right direction.

Repeating these or similar words, and believing them,
will make them real. When confronted with fears and
doubts, remembering to “master” your thoughts keeps
the positive energy flowing. Leaving no room for the
negative energy to manifest..