Is Your Toxic Relationship Driving You Nuts?

It’s time to wake up and smell the roses if your relationship is driving you nuts, darling. And frankly it doesn’t make a bit of difference if you are a male or female, 89 years old or 19 years old. Of course being 89 years old your toxic relationship can end as your reading this. That is cold but hey! think about it.

But the chances are you aren’t 89 years old and you’re wanting to find solutions that will work for you right now. Unfortunately it can take more than a quick fix to clean up what you and your partner have done to your relationship, after the so called “honeymoon/lust driven period”.

Were you and your partner completely honest when you first started going together. Did you forget to mention to your partner that you aren’t the commitment type? In other words you would walk away rather than commit. Or perhaps you didn’t mention there would never be any children in the relationship. Both of these are two very big reasons for turning your relationship into a toxic dump, which the EPA would close down in a heartbeat.

Look you do realize there are somethings left unsaid, right? However, if you suspect that not telling about your 3 kids is something that could bite you on the butt later, its something you should get out in the open. Leaving it unsaid is not only toxic, when he or she finds out, you may not have a snow balls chance in hell of detoxing your relationship. Talking about this at the beginning will certainly lay down solid groundwork for being truthful and honest about your relationship on down the road.

Perhaps your relationship is so smelly because of your partners blood family. If that is one of the reasons one solution is for all parties to select a neutral place to meet and discuss the situation. By doing so reduces the chances of the discussion becoming a shouting match or an all out brawl. It can and does happen.

Another solution to the “toxic family” is to avoid the things that will fire up the family members. If it’s politics, religion, current events walk as if your on a very slippery slope. Try keeping your conversations about “neutral” topics. One thing to always keep in mind that “blood” will triumph over almost anything.

Lets face it, toxic relationships can and do drive those involved in it nuts. However, common sense and a real desire to take the “toxic” out of your relationship can be accomplished with hard work.