New York Dating via Express

If you’re single and feeling adventurous, why not try the latest trend in dating: speed dating. Speed dating is an exciting way for you to meet new people in New York. Who knows, you might even meet your soul mate or even “the one” that you’ve been looking for all your life.

Speed dating is formalized matchmaking the idea of which is for you to be able to meet and interact with a large number of new people. What happens in a speed dating event is that men and women are paired together over a series of mini dates. These short dates only last for a few minutes.

Normally organizers of the event provide participants with certain guidelines and sometimes they provide cue questions which they could their partners. These questions serve as guides to facilitate the flow of conversation. But participants are pretty much free to talk about anything. At the end of each mini date, the organizers will signal the partners to change partners by ringing a bell.

Exchanging of contact information is forbidden during the actual date but afterwards you will give to the organizers the name or names of the person(s) you want to have your contact information. The organizers will try and look if they found a match. If there is one, they will provide both parties the contact information and will let nature takes its course.

More often than not, entries to speed dating events require pre-registration and pre-payment of the registration fees. Events like these commonly take place in a nice place such as a nice restaurant or even a great, cozy bar. The atmosphere will depend on the organizers of the event. The event could have a formal, casual or party setting.

Some praises speed dating saying that it is a far better place to meet new people than in bars and clubs. One doesn’t have to think of pick-up lines just to introduce one’s self. This is really a very daunting task for some. With the speed dating structure, men and women are partnered and forced to talk to each other. Sure the time is short, but it does give the guy or girl an opportunity to talk to someone he or she likes.

The speed dating environment is also less noisy than those of bars and clubs. In speed dating, you and your partner will have a better environment to have a good conversation compared to clubs where the music is always roaring and constant interruptions from people.

Also, with speed dating you are at least assured of meeting people who are actually single and who are actually looking for a relationship. In bars and clubs, you can never really tell if the guy or girl is single and looking.

If you’re new in New York, speed dating is a good way to expand your very limited social circles. You can get to meet and make new friends in speed dating events, most of whom will be your age and share similar or closely similar interests.

It’s like attending a party where everyone doesn’t know each other. Surprising as it seems, speed dating doesn’t purely involve flirting with the opposite sex. There are actual and worthy conversations that take place in such events. It’s really based on how you handle the conversation and how you would handle your partner.