Speed Dating Getting Popular in Ottawa

Just like any other place in the world, Ottawa is joining the newest movement, the speed dating movement that is. Ever since speed dating started in 1998, it has become a phenomenon has spread pretty much like a brush fire. Singles in Ottawa are lining up speed dating events hoping to find the match they are looking for in their lives.

You’ll find in Ottawa various stylish speed dating and singles events services which cater to all age groups and points of interests. You’ll find dating services that offer personalized, invitation-only events. There are events happening every week. The more popular companies that offer speed dating services organize events twice a month. You’ll see bars and restaurants hosting weekly dating events which attest to how popular speed dating has become.

How does it work? Usually when you attend a speed dating event, you meet people of the opposite sex who belong in your preferred age group and who enjoy pretty much the same interests. Some organizers will arrange an event that caters to specific groups like those that enjoy more or less the same or related hobbies or interests. This increases the chance to meet someone that you will have a great chemistry with.

Commonly, mini-dates are arranged within the event wherein individuals have a chance to interact and converse for 3 to 8 minutes before they are instructed to move on with the next person until all of them had a chance to meet everyone on the event. Numbers will be given and will be matched by the organizers. Most of these events are not that expensive. Some events throw in complimentary drinks and food throughout the evening.

Because of the advent of the speed dating phenomenon, several studies have been conducted in an attempt to explain or quantify the various factors and components of speed dating. A recent study for example found that most people who join these events will likely make their choices within the first three seconds of meeting.

This re-emphasizes the importance of first impressions. And basically in speed dating, it’s all about first impressions. With less than 10 minutes to talk among themselves, participants will basically decide on who he or she thinks is the perfect match on first impressions alone.

There are already a lot of dating companies in Ottawa that offer speed dating and personalized dating services. Each one may have different rules or may have their own ways of doing things but the basic concept remains: arranging mini-dates in a timed setting in an attempt to find the person that matches one’s personality.

And just like any other dating services, Ottawa’s speed dating industry requires participant to pre-register. Usually, they could register through their online websites. Pre-payment is also preferred by event organizers. A number of organizers offer personalized events.

There are speed dating events for graduates only, for gays and lesbians and even for older men with younger women and vice versa. Organizers have arranged events for book lovers, ethnic events, music lovers, and even particular food lovers.

So if you’re single and looking for someone, go ahead and try these speed dating services. There are various websites in the internet that offer directories of speed dating companies as well as news on upcoming events. It would be wise to browse the internet for additional information.