Spiritual Or Religious?

One of the more interesting aspects of the Law of
Attraction is found in it’s teachings. Fundamentally,
it teaches people how to think. Not what to think.
Learning how to think, helps focus the mind. Many
people discover that focusing the mind, helps improve
their life.

The book and DVD, The Secret, is a good introduction
to the Law of Attraction, but that’s all it is. It
focuses on acquiring material possessions. And there’s
nothing wrong with that.

It’s not wrong to be well fed, well clothed, drive a
nice car and live in a nice home. If you create a
feeling of self that’s capable and worthy, you’ll
attract what you want. You can take care of yourself
as well as others.

The main points of the Law of Attraction is finding
happiness in your daily life. Making the world a
better place for everyone. Finding self-fulfillment
through the power of the mind.

There are many people that see the Law of Attraction
as a deeply religious experience. Connecting them to
others and to a higher power.

The numbers are just as large that consider the Law of
Attraction spiritual but not religious. Religious or
just spiritual, the results are the same: Improving
life for yourself and others through the power of

Even if you consider the Law of Attraction as neither
religious nor spiritual, the benefits are the same.
You’re still using thought energy to get the things
you want most out of life.