Why Double Dating Can Be Your Salvation

Why double date you ask? If you stop and think about it for little bit, it makes perfect sense when you don’t know your date.

Ask yourself the question “Am I nervous because I don’t really know this person?” By double dating you will have another couple that you know and are comfortable with. This way you and your date learn several things about each other.

Your date will see how you interact with your friends and the type of people you hang out with. You will be able to determine, rather quickly if your date is comfortable with your friends.

Then of course there is the reaction of your friends to your date. It is likely you will get a whole different perspective from their view, than your own. However, you need to remember that your friends and your date may be like “water and oil” and not play well together. Be sure you keep an open mind when you get their opinions.

Double dating is a very cool idea when you are dating someone for the first time and don’t really know them. The other couple can often times help you and your date get over those embarrassing moments of silence, when either of you can’t think of something to say.

A word of caution prior to inviting another couple to your date. You want to make sure your friends are real friends and not the casual type of friend you say hello to, when you happen to see them. Otherwise you may find yourself being dumped in hot water, by the so called friends.

It is often best to call your friends who are double dating with you to clue them in on any subject you don’t want bought up. Such as…

1. You peed in the bed until you were 10.
2. Old girlfriends or significant others.
3. Your Mother calls you 7 or 8 times a day.

and of course that list can go on and on. This will most likely apply when it’s your best friend which you have known since grade school.

You should also alert your date that you are going to be bringing another couple on the date. Please make certain that you reassure your date you have known them for quite awhile and they will be a lot of fun. If there is some doubt on your dates side, be honest with them and tell them your somewhat nervous with your date with them.

In most cases you will find your date and yourself will realize how much fun the double date was and how much comfortable you feel around each other. One more word of caution when you’re double dating. Make absolutely sure that you do not ignore your date while interacting with your friends. Not only is it discourteous but it shows your date you have no respect for her.

It’s quite obvious double dating can truly be your salvation if it is handled correctly.