BackGround Checks and Balances

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Get the right person for the job with accurate background checks and resources for that purpose.

background check resources

Background Check Resources

Whether you’re hiring a CEO, a subcontractor, a babysitter, or even looking for a new tenant or roommate, you’re taking a big risk. It’s the nature of business unfortunately for people to go to great lengths to misrepresent themselves and thus create the need for background check resources and references.

Avoid doing business with deceptive people with these 5 key factors in mind:

1. Prepare comprehensive histories from vague or misleading responses
2. Filter fact from fiction and deal with dishonest interviewees
3. Deal with legal issues including which questions you can and cannot ask
4. Make a confident, well-researched hiring decision
5. Use waivers that protect you legally during the background check process

Personal References

A personal reference could be anyone whom the candidate happens to know but most likely has never worked for. For landlords or people looking for a nanny for their children the request for references should still be for business references and not personal ones. The landlord-tenant relationship is still a business one as is the relationship between nannies and in-home health care workers and their employers. Nowadays, personal references have become one of those overused catchphrases that disguises the real work of responsible, effective reference checking.

Background Checks

The term background check is another catchall phrase that means checking the accuracy of basic information provided by a candidate for employment or similar. It’s an important step in the employee selection process because it is a relatively painless and inexpensive way for the prospective employer to whittle down the pile of applications to only those candidates who are, at least, who they say they are.

While determining whether or not the candidate is whom he or she claims to be is an important first step, it should ultimately lead into real reference checking. There is so much more to learn about a candidate for employment or a prospective tenant or even a babysitter before the final decision can be made. And the only way to learn that is by talking to people who have worked with, rented to, or received service or care from the candidate in question.

Job Application Issues

There are several things employers can do to increase the likelihood of receiving honest responses to job performance questions:

1. Always ask the job seeker to provide a resume that contains a complete work history, including dates of employment for every job held.

2. Ask the candidate to provide the name of the person to whom he/she directly reported.

3. Employers should always require candidates for employment to fill out a formal job application that asks for the same information. One way or another, even if you have to ask for it during the first interview, you’ll get a description of the tasks for which the job seeker was responsible at each position held.

If the list of references doesn’t include at least one of the people to whom the candidate reported directly, a red warning flag should appear in the prospective employer’s mind. Some job seekers will suggest they didn’t list a previous supervisor as a reference because the two of them didn’t get along and that’s understandable, but throughout an individual’s entire work history, there has to be at least ONE supervisor who can be a reference. If it’s true the candidate has never gotten along with any supervisor ever, then it’s best to look for another person for the job.

No, every job doesn’t result in a happy ending, but with the above precautions in mind, one can reduce the possibility of getting burned or hiring the more suitable person for the job. Having more information about a job seeker is always better than having less. It’s through working with other people that we reach most of our goals so choosing the right ones is therefore, essential.

Buying the Myth


People’s dreams are lost in the passage of time, social conditioning, family expectations, etc. How much more could you be doing? How much more inspired could your life be? What are you buying into that is holding you back? There is more!


So much life conditioning inhibits the brilliance that is in you. Are you accessing all that is available to you? As a brilliant coach, as a brilliant human-being, as a brilliant spiritual being, as a bright light in the world, you have access to so much abundance. Are you living it? Are you breathing it? Do you believe it in every fibre of your being?

Or are you buying into the myth, the illusions? There are so many things aimed at people to help them build their lives and businesses; as though they are not enough themselves; as though the magic and mystery of existence were there to thwart your success. It’s so far from the truth of the abundance available in the universe. It often shocks and surprises me to see this disturbing trend. Whatever the truths are, I’m here to say there is MORE!

Dismantle the illusions of safety, security, structures, that create a prison of expectation, necessity, and image. Get into the risk of playing in the mud, getting dirty, letting go and letting God, magic, Source, energy (whatever belief/name suits you). You had it happening once as a kid. Bring it alive again. Inside, you are yearning for it.

Get excited again about the adventure, this life. Get curious and playful with your day-to-day, with your business, with your home, relationships, and finances. If you resist and prefer safety, security, and rigidity, I’m curious:

  • So how’s that working for you?
  • Where are you still dissatisfied?
  • What don’t you want to let go of?
  • What’s it costing you?

These thoughts, while universal, really are inspired by the tragic scarcity demonstrated in the world. Obviously it doesn’t affect everyone, but we do see some living in scarcity. This is a boost to those that do need it and a reminder to those of us who get it but are still human in our experience.

Free Background Check Online

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Background check companies provide a valued service. This valued service comes in means of providing you a online background check report that is not free. an affiliate partner of a leading information database company provides you the most accurate instant online background check report.

Free Background Check Online, Background Check

Online background check that is Free is virtually non existent. Before you go online looking for that free online background check, consider that there very few resources providing free services. If there were such free online background check resources, there would be no reason for background check companies to be in business.

Background check companies provide a valued service. This valued service comes in means of providing you a online background check report that is not free. an affiliate partner of a leading information database company provides you the most accurate instant online background check report.

You should worry about companies claiming to provide you a free background check report online. has access to billions of data such as utility bills, rental applications, country court records covering the entire United States.
So if you’re looking to get an online background check report, enter the persons name on the form box. If you are not satisfied with the report, simply ask for a refund. What we provide you is a RISK FREE solution to your needs.

Read more about Free Background Check Online

Manifest Money ?3 Secrets That Will Change Your Mind

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You can manifest more money by making a study of these three powerful principles.. As you take the time to contemplate on them you will find your outlook on money does change. Manifesting money is a state of new creative thinking with specific manifesting techniques

manifesting money, manifest money

The power to manifest money easily is the power to live your life with total freedom away from the grind of the typical way most people work hard for money. Here are 3 of the most effective ways to manifest more money easily.

1. Change the Way You Think About Money

The only way you can become a powerful magnet to manifest money is to begin to examine how you feel and think about money. You can start by thinking of how you feel when you have to pay your bills. Most often people get very tense and sad and frustrated about giving money away. The moment you move in that feeling of lack you know that you are not in alignment with attracting more money.

2. Be Open to The Many Possibilities in Which Money can Flow.

Manifesting money is all about mental freedom; Freedom in your thinking, freedom in your ability to see the wealth all around you. You can only manifest money to the extent that you would allow yourself to see abundance all around you. When you focus on your life in a limited way you limit the flow of money coming into your life. Be open and expanded.

3. Let go of it Sometimes

Your manifest more money when you lean to free up your grip on it and learn to give some away. Whatever you give in live comes back to you. That principle is true not only for money but anything. When you give love openly you also get love back. Money flows in this same way. Give a little with love and get more back.

What’s the best background check company?

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A good background check company will facilitate the hiring process for an organization by providing them with accurate and up-to-date details of their candidates. The company should have the resources to retrieve in short time information such as credit records, social security numbers, driving record, criminal records, and educational background.

best background check company, software

A good background check company will facilitate the hiring process for an organization by providing them with accurate and up-to-date details of their candidates. The company should have the resources to retrieve in short time information such as credit records, social security numbers, driving record, criminal records, and educational background.

Background research companies must operate in sync with softwares such as Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Resources Management Systems that their client companies might use. This will help both parties to exchange information quickly and smoothly. Organizations value background research companies that help them in their hiring decisions and aid in minimizing instances of hire-and-fire that result in an additional burden on the company.

Good background check companies will have reliable resources of information such as individual researchers who may be their employees or individual contractors. These individuals gather information on people as per the directions given to them. The companies may also buy the information from resellers who collect data such as employment records. Courthouses are a good source of criminal records. Also, there are several data aggregators who provide access to credit bureaus as well as federal and state information resources. The veracity of the information offered by trustworthy background research companies can always be checked and these companies update their databases continuously.

A good background research company will be in a position to offer its clients quick turnaround time. This is because the longer it takes for information to be made available, greater is the cost involved in the operation and the chances of error. The background research company obtains its information from various sources and the process of obtaining data can be time consuming, especially if traditional means of communication such as letters or faxes. Even if the information is emailed, there are bound to be requests for clarifications from the research company, the back and forth communication will invariably lead to a loss of time. Companies that have an integrated information flow which is standardized and is also implemented by their business partners will provide information fast and will be preferred for a repeat job by client companies.

A good background research company understands the importance of entering into a contractual agreement with its clients with regard to the nature of information to be collected, the contact points in their company, and the time-frame for submitting the information. The background research company must be insured against errors and omissions and should be well-versed with federal and state requirements regarding the procedures to be followed for obtaining information. A good background research company will never violate the rights of a prospect as doing so can compromise the position of its clients.

“Please help me bring back the love of my life.” Part one of a two-part series.

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Understand how the Law of attraction DOES bring the true Mr./Ms. Right your way ?because it will work!

law of attraction, vibration, attract, ideal partner, healthy relationship

Often I receive emails asking me how to use the Law of Attraction to attract a certain person–usually for romatic purposes. One woman, in her 40′s, wrote to me this week and has given me permission to share some of our correspondence with you. Perhaps you (or someone you know) will recognize the feelings expressed here:

“Please can you help me understand how to bring back the love of my life. We only dated for a short time but I know he is the one. He has been hurt badly and didn’t want to end things with me but felt he had to because he was frightened he would be hurt again. It was a very emotional ending for both of us.

I love him so much that I let him go and I respect him so I have stayed away to give him time and space. We have been apart for three months. In my heart I know that we are meant to be together but even though I was so sad and in despair I still felt loving and kindness towards him and my thoughts were always hopeful. And in my longing and praying several ‘co-incidences’ have happened.

Not long after we split up I started searching the web for anything that could give me advice about winning back the man I love and discovered the Law of Attraction. . .Can you help me?”

Sometimes a man will write to me in a similar vein: “I’m in love with this wonderful (or beautiful) woman. I know she is the one for me. Our paths have crossed often. How can I get her to notice me (or go out with me)?”

In part one of this two-part series, we’ll look at why you are NOT in a relationship with the “love of your dreams.” In part two we’ll look at what to do when a seemingly “perfect partnership” falls apart. I hope that while reading both you will also understand how the Law of attraction DOES bring the true Mr./Ms. Right your way ?because it will work!

Part one: “Why am I NOT in a relationship with the love of my life? What’s happening here? Is the Law of Attraction at work?” Of course it is!

The Law of Attraction is always reflecting back to you your vibration. Remember:

You can know what you are vibrating by observing what IS
showing up in your life.
When you think you are in love with someone-and are sure they are “the one,” but cannot seem to convince him or her or attract him or her, then they are NOT “the one”. If they were, you would already be in a relationship with them–a natural, mutual, harmonious relationship that both of you equally gravitated toward.

Two scenarios are really at play here:

You are in love with the idea of this person being in love with you. That someone with these physical attributes, or character traits, or successes in life could want to be with you is an exhilarating idea.

What often happens is that you meet someone who has five (or ten) characteristics that you are looking for in your ideal partner and you assume that he or she is your “ideal mate.” You think, “This is it! I’ve found ‘the one’ for me for the rest of my life.” However, the attraction just doesn’t seem mutual and you do not understand why. Didn’t the Law of Attraction bring them to you? Well, the real question is are they looking for someone like you? Are you a vibrational match for this person?

Remember that the person you are looking at may only appear to have the qualities you desire. Underneath the exterior clothing of beauty and success, there may be person with entirely different goals, beliefs and core values than yours. Even if you are very similar, what is he or she looking for? The role of their ideal mate may be very different from one you would truly like to play.

The second scenario goes like this:

You are in love with the idea of being “allowed?to love this person Seeing their potential and their needs, you may also see how “helpful?you could be for them as a mate. Searching for love with this motive is especially dangerous because, sadly, more often than not there is simply an insecure, life-draining person there, hoping to find someone to give their life meaning and purpose. (Not a healthy thought.) Victims attract someone who can make them a victim again. The poor attract someone who can enable them to continue in their poverty. The Law of Attraction is not fooled, nor can it be manipulated through words and expressions of desires that are not in alignment with the truth.

But you see so many people around you happy and in love, why does it not come your way?

Here is how the Law of Attraction does work, and how you can make it work for you:

In order to attract the “ideal partner”– someone who is in vibrational harmony with who you are–you must be what you seek.

Are you looking for someone who is kind? You must be kind. Do you want someone with good looks? You must care about how you look. Do you want someone who will make a commitment to you? Ask yourself, “Do I keep commitments?” Do you want someone who is successful? Ask your self, “Am I vibrating success?”

Remember, the Law of Attraction is bringing to you exactly what you are vibrating. If you want something different in your life, you must change yourself–your vibration. It’s an inside job and you can only change yourself– you can’t change someone else’s vibration.

I referred to the second scenario as especially dangerous for this reason exactly ?you can’t change someone else, and while trying to do so you stop concentrating on yourself, stalling any change and growth that may need to occur in you.

You CAN attract your ideal partner. You CAN find joy in a healthy relationship. Just start with yourself:

KNOW yourself
ACCEPT yourself
HONOR yourself
TRUST yourself
LOVE yourself
When you do, the most perfect relationships happen in a perfectly natural way.

Why? Because your healthy relationship with yourself is reflected in your healthy relationship with that significant other.

Rebecca Hanson is a Master Law of Attraction Coach. Thousands of people have enjoyed her talks or articles about real-life experiences and how she found the “nugget of truth” in every situation. Now she has such a deep grasp of how faith, beliefs and thinking work that she is able to lift others to a higher level, very quickly. You can contact Rebecca at or on her website at and sign up for her free “Museletter?

Rebecca has also written a book called, “Law of Attraction for Business: How to create a business or attract a job you LOVE!? To find out more about this book and other information check out

Free Criminal Records And Background Checks ?Secrets You Need To Know!

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The employee is a vital part of a company’s business. In fact, one can even say that the employee makes a company for surely without him, the company can never be. Employees are the workforce that keeps a company going. They serve as the fuel that keeps business operations going like a well-oiled machine. For this reason, hiring individuals to become prospective employees of a company are serious matters of interest and one that can never be relegated as dismal.

Why Conduc…

The employee is a vital part of a company’s business. In fact, one can even say that the employee makes a company for surely without him, the company can never be. Employees are the workforce that keeps a company going. They serve as the fuel that keeps business operations going like a well-oiled machine. For this reason, hiring individuals to become prospective employees of a company are serious matters of interest and one that can never be relegated as dismal.

Why Conduct Free Criminal Records and Background Checks?

That is an understandable question to ask. With the prices quoted by public records researchers these days, why indeed. However, if the hiring process is the key to keeping the business intact for a long time, then free criminal records and background checks are what make the hiring process thorough and exhaustive.

Free criminal records and background checks helps a company make better-informed decisions during the pre-employment screening. The information they provide are indispensable as they are the determinants of a person’s character. In a way, free criminal records and background checks are steps that a company can take to protect its own interest. There have been too many cases in the past wherein no background checks whatsoever was made on an individual and so when that individual was hired as an employee and then later on committed a crime in the context of his or her job, the company was held liable.

Negligence particularly on issues concerning negligent hiring, supervision, security, training, and retention can not only cause loss in productivity but at the extreme end, workplace violence as well that could very well cost the lives of other employees. And thus, it is the responsibility of the company as well as a right to protect its assets and interests, including its employees from incidents that may arise due to the lack of free criminal records and background checks.

State Requirement

Several states in the U.S. have laws requiring free criminal records and background checks during the pre-employment process. States, such as Florida, are especially particular about free criminal records and background checks on certain industries where “care?is provided as a service. Thus, any prospective employee or volunteer of a facility for the elderly, children, and people with disabilities are required by state statute and by federal law to undergo free criminal records and background checks.

Today, 29 states in the United States keep central repositories for the purpose of providing information to those conducting free criminal records and background checks. As of this time, there is no known “national?database of criminal history information and the most you could do to conduct a nationwide search is to visit each state repository individually. Fortunately, the Internet has made it possible for you to do this right on your computer screen.

Feeling Hopeless

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Letter from a reader who was feeling ‘hopeless’ and the response that contained a useful tool for getting clarity, focus and raising your vibration–the T-tool.

law of attraction, hopeless, dominant, feeling, attract, vibration, want, t-tool, clarity, expectation, debt, coaching

Letter: “I don’t know why I’m writing this – it’s so unlike me to actually feel ‘hopeless.’ I am a single mom raising two teenaged boys. After my youngest was assaulted on the way to school last year, I quit a decent job in television to start my own marketing/p.r. business out of my home. I had two clients that, at the time, which enabled me to make more than I had working for the tv station. And then in March, one of the clients and I parted ways. We had very different expectations. Ultimately, we each had contrasting views over what my role would be. That cut my income in half.

I have attracted one new client – but at a third of what my former client paid. And now, I’m in debt (deeply). And now, I’m in debt (deeply), my account is overdrawn because my other significant client “got behind” and didn’t put in my automatic payment into my account until yesterday – and it takes 24-72 hours for it to show up (they had told me it was going to be put in last Thursday)! My ex’s child support is late and I don’t even have enough money to pay for groceries until the money shows up. I’m terrified that checks will bounce and I’ll be left with nothing.

I can’t sleep. My stomach is in knots. I almost feel as if my kids would be better off with their dad. He’s very well off and could afford to give them everything I can’t.

I don’t know how to get out of this poverty mentality. I don’t know why I have such feelings of lack when it comes to my finances. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a potential client and I can’t even focus on putting together a presentation for him. It’s as if I already know that he won’t want to work with me, let alone PAY me. I get so up for things, I have such great expectations and then everything falls flat.

In ALL other areas of my life, I’m doing well. My kids are terrific – good hearts, straight-A students, excellent athletes. I don’t have weight issues.
I don’t have problems with my relationships with the opposite sex. It’s just that MONEY seems to be slipping out of my grasp.

Quite honestly, I do believe that money buys a fair amount of happiness. At least for me, knowing what I’ve gone through these past years, it would buy some peace of mind. And that’s what I want. Freedom and peace of mind. To go where I want. To do what I want. To FEEL how I want to feel.

Can you help me get out of this negative spiral?”
A Reader

Rebecca’s reply:

“Dear Reader,

Thanks so much for writing. And I hope you are feeling better. YEP. I’ve been there a few times. I can remember days when all I could do was walk around the house saying, ‘I just want to feel good’ over and over. Eventually, I did start to feel better. Now, feeling good is my dominant feeling.

Actually, you are an excellent ‘attractor’–look at what you are telling your self about money and then notice how you are attracting more of the same.

If I were coaching you, I would ask you to take a piece of paper, and draw a big letter T on it. Then label the left column “I don’t want?and the right hand column, ?I do want?

First make a list of everything you don’t want. Just use the letter you sent to me and write down stuff like:

I don’t want clients paying me late.
I don’t want cheap clients who can’t afford to pay what I’m worth.
I don’t want child support payments to be late.
Get all the negatives OUT of yourself and onto paper.

Then go through each item, and ask your self, “If I don’t want this, what do I want??and write down what you DO want in the right hand column.

When you’ve written a ‘Do Want?for each item on the left, FOLD THE PAPER down the middle so you are looking at the ‘Do Want’ list. Keep that list in front of you at all times. Start to imagine what it would feel like having clients who JOYFULLY pay for your services. How wonderful it is when the Child Support checks arrive a day early! Work at keeping your FOCUS on what you DO WANT. If you start to think or talk about something on the ‘Don’t Want?side, just say, “I’ve dealt with that, AND what I DO want is?

The T-tool is the BEST Law of Attraction Tool for getting clarity! And once you have clarity, what you want IS on its way to you.

The Background of Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization or SEO has been used strategically by thousands of individuals and companies all over the world to generate higher revenues. It is also one of the cheapest ways to continually advertise your web site and get a lot of targeted traffic who are truly interested in your services and products. It is important that you learn more about its history first to determine the right approaches that will appeal to your target market.

How It All Started

Web site content writers and webmasters started to optimize web sites for search engines during the middle part of the 1990s, since the initial search engines were still cataloguing the early Web. In the beginning, a webmaster can submit the webpage address or URL to different search engines that will send a spider to navigate and crawl the given page. The spider will gather links to other pages from the page and return the information located on the page to be indexed.

The entire process involves a search engine spider that will download a page and store it on the very own server of the search engine. The second program or indexer, will gather different information regarding the page, like words in the content and location, together with the weight for given words and all other links contained in the page, to be placed in a scheduler for later crawling.

Increased Value

Web site owners understood what it means to increase the ranking of their web sites and being visible to their target market through search engine results. They can then create the opportunity for SEO practitioners using either black hat or white hat. Danny Sullivan, an analyst of the industry in the 1990s, indicated that SEO or search engine optimization may have been coined and used frequently in 1997.

Early versions of the search algorithms heavily depended on information given by the webmaster like the keyword meta tag or index files in search engines such as ALIWEB. Meta tags function by giving a guide to every content of web pages. The Meta data can be used to index pages that were found to be unreliable due to the choices made by the webmaster in the given keywords. It can become an inaccurate representation of the web site’s true content. Inaccurate and inconsistent meta tags can change the rankings of various pages.

Keyword Density

Keyword density was incorporated very much during the early parts of SEO. Search engines would usually suffer because of ranking manipulation of overuse of given keywords. Search engines needed to adjust to make sure that results pages will only present the most useful web sites, instead of unrelated web pages that only had several keywords, but really did not mean anything. More complex ranking algorithms were created and developed by search engines to ensure that visitors only got the most useful results possible.

Modern Results

At present, rankings in search engines are very accurate and dependable. In 2004, search engines have used different factors in the algorithms of rankings to significantly minimize link manipulation. Some of the best search engines use more than 200 various signals. The algorithms are not disclosed by the biggest engines to prevent unscrupulous webmasters from manipulating the results. Some of the best SEOs have used various approaches, with different techniques and opinions posted in blogs and online forums.

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Pheromone

By , December 10, 2014 12:43 pm


Not a lot of people are familiar with Pheromone, which is quite unfortunate because its ability to drastically improve our sex life is something that can only be described as revolutionary. Join me in my initial brushes with Pheromone, and how I discovered its wondrous and invigorating effects.

pheromone, phermone, pheromone perfume, pheromone cologne, pheromone oil, sex, aphrodisiac, gay

You know, I never believed in aphrodisiacs.

Given the fact that I’ve been married for a good number of years now, and no amount of chocolates and oysters and what-have-you’s managed to convince my wife to try, uhm, something new when it comes to sexual explorations?you’d know where I’m coming from.

Hence, I always believed that aphrodisiacs were urban myths concocted by people who are either hopelessly optimistic or downright delusional. In the real world ?my real world, at least ?aphrodisiacs are empty boxes of false promises.

But boy, was I wrong!

Long have I heard about Pheromones and their rather amazing effects on human sexual relations, but I always grouped them with aphrodisiacs, that is, works of fiction rather than tales of facts. This, despite the growing popularity of Pheromones among my network of friends. Though some of them often mispronounce and misspell it as “Phermones,?they nonetheless have an idea on what it’s about.

Pheromone is a chemical that is produced by animals to convey certain primal messages that elicit an equally primal response. Of course, there is nothing more primal than sex. Pheromone was first observed in female silk worms which secreted Pheromones to attract the males of their specie come mating time. It has been well documented in many insects since then, and in due time, scientists have observed the same in mammals.

Pheromones serve as sexual attractants. They have a distinct smell that appeals to the most basic of instincts, particularly those of the opposite sex within the same specie.

It was only in 1986 when a group of Philadelphia scientists discovered the presence of Pheromones in humans. Women produce them, and this makes men approach them with much fervor and longing. Men produce them as well, and this results in building a connection with the females of our specie.

The problem is, Pheromone production varies from subject to subject. While some may possess an abundance of this, well, hormone of desire, others seem to suffer from a shortage of the same.

The solution?

Human Pheromone has been cultivated and perfectly integrated with oil, cologne and perfume. Since Pheromone appeals to the sense of smell, what better way to carry it than through a variety of scents?

Billy Bob, a college buddy of mine, was the first one who ordered those simply packaged bottles of Pheromone (which he still insists to this very date should be spelt as “Phermone? perfume.

Within a week after his initial purchase, Billy Bob excitedly told us about his findings.

“It freakin?worked!?I remember him screaming. “My wife’s not freakin?frigid after all!?he added, still with the same enlivened delight.

I was still hesitant about Pheromone perfume, Pheromone cologne, Pheromone oil and the likes at that time, but another buddy of ours, Paul, followed Billy Bob’s cue and took the plunge. Now, Paul is quite a character. He’s not afraid to try anything. Being that he’s gay, he wanted to find out if female Pheromone would make him more attractive to guys.

Guess what?

He tried it out during his vacation in Phuket, Thailand, and he claimed that he had the time of his life. “If you know what I mean,?he coyly added.

With two of my friends claiming the exact, same thing, I shared this knowledge to my wife. To my surprise, she knew more about it than I did. Turns out that her cousin Beth, who has long endured the fear of a possible divorce, has been hailing Pheromone as the savior of her marriage. According to Beth, her husband became more adventurously amorous ever since she started wearing Pheromone perfume.

I have read about the love potion of Eros in mythological stories. I have read about love potions in Wiccan lore. I have seen so many movies from my youth involving love potions of every kind. I have always associated love potions with fiction. And I was never going to accept such as a fact?not in its original form in myths of yore, and not in what seems to be its present incarnation in Pheromone perfumes, colognes oils and the likes.

But when my wife started wearing it?

Well, suffice to say, no amount of testimonials would appease anyone’s doubts when it comes to something as seemingly magical alternative like Pheromone, or Phermone as many people call it.

But you’re missing out on some grand things if you don’t want to give it a try, I could tell you that much.

My recommendation: try it. Most establishments offering this sexual attractant offer a money back guarantee, after all. You have nothing to lose?
Â…and a whole new world of pleasure to gain.

Fair gamble, isn’t it?

For me, though? Who needs Viagra when my wife’s Pheromones are inviting me to come get some!

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