Kissing Tips on a Date

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By , March 11, 2023 12:07 pm

Usually, you shouldn’t go all out with a kiss at the end of
a first date. First date kisses mostly involve light pecks
at the cheeks or even on the lips. These kisses should only
be allowed once you feel comfortable enough with your date.

The right time to kiss is usually the most romantic moments
of the date. When you feel that you’re close enough to your
date while having fun doing a set of adventurous
activities, this might be the right time to kiss.

If you’re talking while having a quiet walk at the park and
you notice that he’s looking directly at your eyes, this is
usually another one of those right kissing moments.

Try to look at his eyes and see if he’s sincere enough to
give you a light kiss on the lips. You’ll usually feel if
it’s just the right time to kiss.

Sharing moments are usually the best times to kiss on a
date, especially if you’re talking about something

The situation doesn’t need to be dramatic and serious to
kiss. The right moment to kiss during these sharing moments
is when you feel comfortable sharing your personal
perceptions and experiences with your date.

At the end of the date, you can give him a light peck at
the cheeks if you had fun with him on your first date after
he has taken you home safe and sound.

You can give him a friendly kiss on the lips if you happen
to have fun with him again on your second date. Afterwards,
a fertile imagination is all you need when it comes to the
kisses you’ll be having on your succeeding dates.

Speed Dating in Los Angeles, California

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By , March 8, 2023 5:14 am

California is home to a lot of things. There is Hollywood where most of the films are made as well as Silicon Valley where some of the top computer companies in the world are based.

Given that the city of Los Angeles is always bustling with something new, one of the events it has that happens regularly is speed dating. This is where singles are able to mingle with others in the hopes of building a network or finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

There are various websites on the web that can make this happen. The person should just search for it using one of the major search engines for these to appear and then be selected.

The speed dating sites may require the person to register in order to receive information. This includes how much is the entrance fee and when and where this will take place. One example is

This website allows people to view the profiles of others so the person does not have to wait until the scheduled speed dating event. The individual will exert some effort making this happen or wait till the organizers put it together.

Another unique way of getting to know someone in the group is called The organizers will get a party of six with similar interests in the hopes that something will develop within the group. There is no time pressure here unlike those of other speed dating services which happens in less than a few minutes.

Those who choose to participate don’t even have to share a meal but instead choose to do something together like camping out and then see what happens next.

Speed dating is not just for those who have never been married. This is because the organizers have also made it possible for single parents to find true love. A good example of this is the website called

The event allows the single parents to find someone who is open to the idea of maybe having a relationship with someone who already has kids. is a very popular speed dating service based in New York with branches all across the country including California. The individual will be able to meet people in various bars and cafes which are very cozy to hopefully meet someone.

Here are a few tips before going to the speed dating event. It will be a good idea to be there at least 15 to 30 minutes before the event. Latecomers will not be allowed to participate which will also give the person some time to look around.

It will also be a good idea to dress well and be honest when having a conversation because the individual only has a few minutes to leave a lasting impression. After the session, the person should take note whether anyone in the group is worth seeing on a date.

This will also be done by the other participants and this is only fair since everyone came here for the same thing which is to hopefully meet someone through the speed dating service.

If by chance, that individual doesn’t get matched up with anyone, there will always be another one the week after. After all, there are many who are in the same situation looking for the other half.

Advice to a Parent Who is Planning tp Build Self Confidence in Her Child

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By , March 4, 2023 9:58 pm

For long, man has searched for the most perfect environment by which he must immerse children into. The main aim of which is to raise ideal children that are whole heartedly devoted to the purity of their being and in the service of Him who Created all things. The sad truth though is that once men touch something, that thing would be flawed. It is our nature to be perfect though but it is inescapable for us humans to integrate grains of impurity in everything we do.

Parenthood does not escape that reality.

Every parent dreams the best for his or her child. But what defines that “best” would be largely dependent on how the parent was raised in return. Major contributors would also include the events that has passed by during the time by which the child is being raised and the models to which he has learned to associate his realities.

We were all born and raised in virtually dissimilar settings. Like the fingerprints that are embedded into our skin, all of us developed uniquely. And this very uniqueness can directly affect how self confident we are, from childhood to grave.

Raising children is not enough. Parents must be careful not to affect their children’s sense of self in any negative way possible. Every experience he has encountered in his childhood that would be detrimental to his self confidence must be avoided because in the end, it is not only the child who would suffer, the parent would suffer with him.

At a very early stage, parents should be able to build self confidence in their children. Negative inputs must be avoided except of course those that would be beneficial to his development.

Every negative comment must be minimized before children, with their minds as blank as a white paper would take every foul remarks, every pessimistic word and every discouragement as facts that he would learn to believe into. If you would want your child to believe into something, assure to it that he is believing in something that is good. Be careful though of over emphasizing his good attributes. At any point in time, always try to hit the balance.

All children have something he can be proud of. Everyone is properly equipped with all the facilities that one can develop from, with a few exemptions of course. Each child has an innate capacity to succeed, only adults should be able to trigger his development.

Childhood is the most ideal juncture from which we may build the foundations of self confidence. It is when a person hasn’t experienced much of life’s bitterness yet. It is the stage of one’s life when he is not yet fearful of failing and of falling. It is when every avenue of development is opened. Thus, it is also where a person is fit for building self confidence from which he may benefit from for the remaining of his lifetime.

You, as the parent, are responsible for putting your child in the right track. Many of us may not have enough of the self confidence that we can boast to our children but we can always take advantage of the chances that were given to us to let our children boast of the confidence that we have given them.

Wont you get proud if you succeed in this aspect of parenthood? Think of this as an exchange of benefits. Your child would benefit from your help and your help would benefit you to be self confident as well. And besides, eyes are looking from a distance to check if we are using the gifts that were given to us properly.

Improve Self Confidence by Believing in Yourself

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By , March 1, 2023 2:42 pm

Low self confidence only boils down from low belief in one self. Now, the obvious cure would be to inculcate faith in yourself, enough to make you believe that things don’t happen out of course but because “you” make things happen.

Believing in oneself however, stems down from our childhood experiences. With lack of poor models or lack of encouragement from those we have learned to associate respect and trust on, it would be likely that our maturity would be marked by ambiguity of self image.

We know for a fact that parents only act according to what they deem appropriate or best for their children. However, doing the best don’t necessarily mean that they qualify to the universal standard of being the best. In fact, there are so many cases when their bests may have been a mediocre standard for others and in some cases, their best is no good at all. Nonetheless, they still perform them because they know nothing better.

No one could be blamed though. We were all brought up depending on the present means that were available at the moment of our growth. We are the products of the people, events and circumstances that were fated to fall as the exact pieces at the exact moment, at the exact place. The environment from which we have grown is sure to be the most perfect environment fit for our personal growth. Our reactions then to these events will determine how well we have understood and coped up with things.

The thing is, we are fully responsible for the state of self confidence we presently have. We were given all the artillery to face what lies in our grounds, we were given the people to which we may anchor our faith, we were given enough skills and attributes to help us brave the challenges of growth. The difference though comes from our innate drive to improve and to develop. It also lies in our interpretations and acceptance of things.

Say, we are too coward to face our very fears given that we are equipped with all the things that we need, then the problem now comes from our deliberate deprivation of the confidence we innately have. We have to understand that we are all capable of being confident. If we believe that our childhood did not become an effective means to acquire our self confidence then we must realize that it is never too late to improve.

If, however, you have become too comfortable in your comfort zone and could not muster enough will to improve your self confidence then be assured of an ordinary life, deprived of the real challenges and pleasures that everyone is entitled to.

Improving self confidence is not that hard to achieve. Your journey would be swift depending on your willingness to drive yourself to the end phase and to discard all that you have been acquainted to do (comfort zones).

But you see, in the end it would not really matter how long it took you to improve your self confidence. What matters more is that you have atleast removed yourself from the old ways that you have learned to embrace.

The only place from which we may start is within ourselves. For long, we fed ourselves with impressions coming from the people we are interacting with. For long, we have practiced comparing what we can and what we cannot do with other people. Enough with comparisons! There is nothing to compare. We were all built to fit a specific design that is different from anybody else.

More Advises on How to Gain Self Confidence

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By , February 26, 2023 7:48 am

To understand others, we need to have a full understanding of ourselves first. However, human beings are too complex to be understood which place us in an endless circle of understanding and of attempts to understand.

It is critical for us to discern our selves not only because this will lead us to better perception for other people but also because it is the foundation on which we can lay our self confidence on.

Understanding will come in two ways- through our deliberate pursuits or through the acceptance and usage of the chances given to us. Either way, we will benefit so long as we don’t choose to be misguided by circumstances that would try to redirect us to failure.

Obviously, the first step before we truly gain enough self confidence is for us to understand the entirety of being ourselves. This would entail our knowledge of everything that we are capable of doing and everything that we cannot do superbly or we cannot actually do. This also includes our talents, skills, weaknesses, fortes and anything and everything in between. After knowing all these things, you need to accept that these are facts and love yourself and your imperfections.

Keep in mind that no one is ever perfect however he wanted to be. So there is no sense for you to be harsh on yourself over a few flaws that everyone else has. The thing is, we just have to accept everything about us. With acceptance comes the initial cure over low self confidence.

After knowing your stock, the second thing you may do is to appreciate and give proper value on all your attributes. Remember that each of us is a unique being which is perfectly fit to for uniqueness. We only have to be careful of identifying our unique spots and in the process, help them shine from us.

Find an activity that will both contribute to your being and will provide a pleasurable means for you to grow and gain more confidence. Most people tend to go to their talents. It is not necessary that people should know about this but if appreciation from outside sources were your source of motivation, it would not hurt if other people would know. Nevertheless, it is no big deal if you would hide your activity of growth or not. Unless you live in a solitary cave somewhere, people would realize that you are up with something.

A good way to gain self confidence also lies in your goal setting. People tend to set higher goals than what they can truly achieve. This occurs because many believe that by setting higher and often unrealistic goals, they will be motivated to achieve more.

The fact is, with higher expectations come more frustrations. If you still don’t know your mettle, it is best that you set more realistic goals first. Once you have overcome your limits then will you only be able to set higher goals that would test how well you have developed. It is crucial that all our goals are achieved initially since we are trying to gain some things. If we fail at the beginning, we might be discouraged to continue our pursuit.

Taking responsibility over your personal appreciation and your actions are sure paths to gaining your self confidence. You only have to appreciate yourself and believe that you are worth your appreciation.

There’s More in Philadelphia Than Speed Dating

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By , February 23, 2023 1:28 am

Are you having a hard time meeting new people? Why not try speed dating. Yup, you read it right, speed dating. While speed dating has been marketed as a means of finding that “special someone”, it is also a way for you to interact with people of the same age or with people who enjoys pretty much the same interests.

There’s more to speed dating than you think. Sometimes There are people who attend such dating events to talk and hang around with people their own age. These people are new to Philadelphia and want someone to talk to and maybe expand their friends list. But this is only a by-product of speed dating that’s why proponents and organizers of events don’t play this up much in their advertising campaigns. The focus of their marketing is on the single and dating community.

Speed dating does have a couple of advantages and is actually very beneficial for singles and those looking for someone. You can meet a large number of people in one event which makes it ideal for very busy persons who basically have no time to go on series of dates just to meet someone or for people who have very exclusive or limited social circles to go to.

Also, in this dating environment both men and women interact demolishing the age old tradition of men as the aggressor. The speed dating structure is also beneficial to shy individuals to want to be more out going and confident in meeting or talking with other people. The timed mini-dates will ensure that participants will not be stuck with people they don’t like.

And of course, participants in these dating events are guaranteed more or less to be single and looking for a serious relationship. Unlike in a bar or pub, you can never be sure. Speed dating is also cheaper too. You can have inexpensive multiple dates in just one night.

If you’re actually looking and have signed up for a speed dating event, then its best that you make yourself look good. It is quite unfortunate, however, that people will be basing who you are on mere first impressions. But with the limited time you have during speed dating, it is the first impressions that usually count.

In the first few minutes of your conversation with your partner, you’ll be able to tell if you like him or her based on the way he or she dresses, their voice, self-esteem, actions, mannerisms, accents, etc. But remember, by doing so, you only increase your chances of finding a match.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find the “one” though. When you do find a match, it will basically depend on the both of you to make it work. Only at this point will you be able to go beyond the first impressions that both of you exhibited during the first time you met in the speed dating event.

For people who are looking for a place to hang out and not particularly keen on bars and pubs, then speed dating could be for you. It will depend on the organizers of the dating event, but generally you’ll be meeting decent enough folks where you can have very reasonable conversations with.

Speed dating in Philadelphia has really become popular. People attribute this surge of popularity to the busyness of the daily lives of Philadelphians.

How the Inner Critic Affects Your Self Confidence

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By , February 19, 2023 5:34 pm

It is strange how many of us fail to listen to that tiny voice inside ourselves. There is no biological and scientific explanations to this ever present voice but you see, we all hear them. For some the voice is the all-commanding mentor. It is sad though that for some, this little voice has become their inner critic, or worse has for a long time muted.

It is an innate murmuring voice that we hear. If we would all remember, this tiny voice has been with us throughout our lives, guiding us to make the proper decisions. But during the course of life, when we have become too jaded and have forgotten the beliefs we once had, this voice becomes silent that we no can no longer remember how good it feels to listen to its guidance.

It was intended to help us but our negative thoughts turn that voice into an inner critic.

This inner critic is the nagging voice that tells you how deficient you are, how ugly you are, how weak and useless you are and how people dislike you for who and what you are. It will convince you to believe in all these lies until your self confidence is sapped and your sense of self becomes devoid.

You may try not to listen to this inner critic initially. Yet once you believe in its miserable denials of who you are, you are sure to have it win you over. You will then be convinced of the validity of its claims and so, you will resort to succumb to mediocre and somber life.

This inner critic lives in all of us as much as the inner voice of goodness does. Theirs is a battle to conquer your being. To deliver you back from the course of goodness and happiness or to the other end.

This inner critic will provide proofs of how stupid it would be take chances with faith. It will create proofs of how unable and incapacitated you are against shining. It will make you believe in time that you truly are worthless and insignificant. It would store memories of such failures to be recovered when you falter with “unbelief”. This inner critic will eat you up until it overpowers your sense of self. You will eventually be ruled with fears and anxiety over your amplified lacks.

Of course you are worth everything. You are so endowed with talents, skills and personality that would make you fit for the world. So face it with all things you have. Your inner critic may tell you otherwise because it would not want you harm. After all, it is there to make everything safe.

The thing though is that we don’t always have to be safe with everything. Life is a great, great weave of risks, only we have to accept it as it is. The inner critic has the noble intention of keeping you protected. In the early years of life, it may have materialized as the voice that told you not to go over the flames for it would burn you.

The inner critic analyzes your talents, your threshold, your abilities and traits. On a well balanced position, it would contribute greatly to your healthy disposition. But we somehow fail to recognize how helpful this inner voice.

Getting Started

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By , February 16, 2023 10:49 am

The way to get what you want through the Law of
Attraction is learning to control your thought
process. Negative thoughts produce as much energy as
positive thoughts.

Thinking about your fears and saying “I don’t want
that” is probably going to result in your fears being
realized. Cosmic energy is literal. It doesn’t
understand “I don’t want”.

It produces results based on energy. So if you’re
producing more negative energy than positive, your
results are going to be negative.

Training your mind to concentrate on the positive
instead of the negative is a necessary, but often
difficult process. People are worriers.

It’s a survival thing designed to help us remember and
avoid the dangers of life. But being aware of our
fears and letting them control our thoughts are two
different things. Turning the negative fears into
positive thoughts is the key.

Your thoughts are yours. They can be your faithful
servants or your masters. Which ever you allow them to
be. You have the control, you make your choice. You
determine which course your thoughts take.

Learning to control your thoughts can be done by
learning to control your will. By mastering yourself.
Phrases like “I am master of my self” can lead you in
the right direction.

Repeating these or similar words, and believing them,
will make them real. When confronted with fears and
doubts, remembering to “master” your thoughts keeps
the positive energy flowing. Leaving no room for the
negative energy to manifest..

Online Dating Tips for Men

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By , February 13, 2023 4:04 am

So you’ve just joined an online dating community. Do not be
discouraged when your prospect dates have not yet responded
to your queries.

Women members of online dating portals receive an average
of fifty to 200 queries from other members of the opposite
sex. This means she’s just taking time going through all
the queries she had received. You need to be a bit more

Have a proactive approach when it comes to online dating.
Focusing on one woman would reduce your chances of landing
a response.

Try sending messages to different women in order to bolster
the probabilities of getting a good response.

Carefully choosing your would-be dates is a good thing to
do since this would help you land the dates who have the
same interests as yours. However, don’t be too selective.

You have to try creating a unique profile when sending
messages. Make it stand out because there will be a lot of
messages for one woman from other members of the online
dating community.

Starting out with an interesting username is favorable. In
addition, read through the profiles of your intended
partners in order to incorporate a few things they like on
your own profile, but keep in mind to include just the
things you are actually interested in.

By doing so, your prospective partners will read through
your profile after receiving a query from you and end up
remembering you because of the stuff that’s on your

She may even feel that you took the time to read through
her profile and subsequently establish a connection with

Be truthful about the things you put on your profile. Lying
about stuff will just ruin your entire reputation in the
online dating community.

In addition, it will be harder to correct lies whenever you
and your dates have known each other better. It would also
prevent you from enjoying while you’re on a date with the
other members of the online dating community because you’ll
be too careful to cover up all the lies you’ve told your
dates before you got to go out on a date with them.

Fun and Exciting Non-Exclusive Dates, Maryland Style

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By , February 9, 2023 8:59 pm

Speed dating in the United States has spread wide in entirety all over the numerous states, and venues with dating ambience sell like a consumers’ piece of commodity in a large department store, or in a super mart.

Maryland caters to such speed dating for the busy middle-aged or younger professionals alike, the elderly senior citizens, and those youth in the Universities, naming particularly e.g., the University of Maryland. Speed dating has open a most favorable setting for fun seekers, lonely individuals, and especially those busy people who find it hard to deviate socializations with people other than their daily colleagues that bind bridges in-between familiarity and monotony; or, due to long-term acquaintances, posing for acknowledged brotherly/sisterly-mode relationships.

However, in most cases, those who patronize the practice of the modern-day speed dating are really those seekers for future partners in life.

Subjectively, a respective view of each speed dater could be considered depending on their motives, or reasons behind why they enlist in such planned groups or one in one dating. Various reasons lie behind each individual, and causes always go to the basic instinct in humans, “gregariousness” in relation to his environment. The need to socialize, and the core, is to get an intimate dealing with another of his kind; a friend, a life partner, or whoever may suit his need.

Classifying the Individual Need in Speed Dating from Several Group Categories:

1. The Teenagers in the Universities and other Young singles – These group go for speed dating; which for them, it open new experiences, new level approach as part of growth and development. Some visions at experimentations that go with excitement when experiencing new type of social approach, or atmosphere other than in their homes and with childhood friends.

2. The Corporate Professionals/Middle-aged and other Busy Young Single Employees – They are self-sufficient in their own rights, have consumed so much hours enclosed in the confines of corporate offices; and are accomplished contributors to the growth of their respective companies. They have forgotten they are also humans, only to find out later they had outgrown with age in prioritizing their career interests rather than on their personal lives.

Also, those other employees who no longer have the opportunity to go socializing for reason that they might miss their first encounters with their chosen career opportunities. Professionals who outgrown in age because of the responsibilities, they fear to neglect for it might devaluate any high rank post of aspirations in the corporate environment. All these are reasons; why in the long run, they seek speed dating as the quickest way coping with lost times, and capitalizing the greater chance of finding partners amidst busiest atmosphere in their lives.

3. The Senior Citizens – They maybe widowers, widows, divorced, and aged singles (in youth let time passed over) let alone to themselves because of this or that reasons. Speed dating offers a lot of chances for them to makeover for past and lost experiences. The widower/widow or divorced find it fulfilling to prospect at having another life in order to move on. And the aged single will find it exiting to experience this in his old age and later realized how silly it was to have lost such portion in life.

Generally, one has to figure out, what about having speed dating popularly favored in the 21st century society. For those aforementioned people in their respective categories and ages, speed-dating practice sounds relevant and offers par degree advantage.

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