Improve Self Confidence by Believing in Yourself

Low self confidence only boils down from low belief in one self. Now, the obvious cure would be to inculcate faith in yourself, enough to make you believe that things don’t happen out of course but because “you” make things happen.

Believing in oneself however, stems down from our childhood experiences. With lack of poor models or lack of encouragement from those we have learned to associate respect and trust on, it would be likely that our maturity would be marked by ambiguity of self image.

We know for a fact that parents only act according to what they deem appropriate or best for their children. However, doing the best don’t necessarily mean that they qualify to the universal standard of being the best. In fact, there are so many cases when their bests may have been a mediocre standard for others and in some cases, their best is no good at all. Nonetheless, they still perform them because they know nothing better.

No one could be blamed though. We were all brought up depending on the present means that were available at the moment of our growth. We are the products of the people, events and circumstances that were fated to fall as the exact pieces at the exact moment, at the exact place. The environment from which we have grown is sure to be the most perfect environment fit for our personal growth. Our reactions then to these events will determine how well we have understood and coped up with things.

The thing is, we are fully responsible for the state of self confidence we presently have. We were given all the artillery to face what lies in our grounds, we were given the people to which we may anchor our faith, we were given enough skills and attributes to help us brave the challenges of growth. The difference though comes from our innate drive to improve and to develop. It also lies in our interpretations and acceptance of things.

Say, we are too coward to face our very fears given that we are equipped with all the things that we need, then the problem now comes from our deliberate deprivation of the confidence we innately have. We have to understand that we are all capable of being confident. If we believe that our childhood did not become an effective means to acquire our self confidence then we must realize that it is never too late to improve.

If, however, you have become too comfortable in your comfort zone and could not muster enough will to improve your self confidence then be assured of an ordinary life, deprived of the real challenges and pleasures that everyone is entitled to.

Improving self confidence is not that hard to achieve. Your journey would be swift depending on your willingness to drive yourself to the end phase and to discard all that you have been acquainted to do (comfort zones).

But you see, in the end it would not really matter how long it took you to improve your self confidence. What matters more is that you have atleast removed yourself from the old ways that you have learned to embrace.

The only place from which we may start is within ourselves. For long, we fed ourselves with impressions coming from the people we are interacting with. For long, we have practiced comparing what we can and what we cannot do with other people. Enough with comparisons! There is nothing to compare. We were all built to fit a specific design that is different from anybody else.