Promote Self Worth for People Who Have No Self Confidence

Many people would argue that too high self esteem is often a manifestation of low self esteem. This is very evident with those who go around bullying other people as well as the criminals who take pleasure in pushing people to disadvantage points.

These people tend to have unrealistically high self confidence which lead to uncontrollable impulses. Thus, their sense of self becomes exaggerates that at times, they are being blinded by the realities that they truly have no sense of self worth at all.

The problem now comes with identifying the real people who endure low self confidence, not those who have no self confidence. Remember that there can never be a vacuum in human being. Every place must be filled and so there is no such thing as no self confidence. Instead we can use too low self confidence.

Sufferers of too low self confidence are those who experience social withdrawal. This is inevitable actually since once the person feels his insignificance, he tends to isolate himself and build a word where he is best understood. He will find his comfort zones, which often led to situations that are convenient for him. These zones may not necessarily help him grow and recover from too low self esteem yet these will cerate environments where he is safe from critical eyes.

Another sign of genuine low self esteem is the emotional turmoil that often causes anxiety over things that for other people, requires no serious attention at all. However, this does not negate the fact that for the person undergoing low self esteem such things are vital in their being. This condition will also impede a person from making healthy decisions.

Due to their tendency for social withdrawal and lack of trust on their capacities, people with too low self confidence becomes anxious with their social dealings. Their disposition suffers such that they cannot take full advantage of what the society may offer them. Social dealings for them may serve more of torture than a good source of possible enjoyment. The majority of people with too low self confidence recognizes the potentials of what social skills might offer them yet they lack the control that will help them conquer their fears.

Many of us think that the immediate cure to too low self confidence is to compliment them with their capacities and for jobs that went well. Many resources now dismiss this possibility. In fact, they affirm that sufferers from this condition must not be praised everytime simply because they cannot easily accept compliments. This is the same with arguing with people who are so sure of themselves.

Unconfident people may not be sure at many things yet their belief does not falter when it comes to their capacities. They are most often than not, sure that they are incapable of doing things. Thus, even with them most convincing words, they would not be convinced of how valuable they are. The effective thing that would battle with this is to let immerse them to experiences that would make them realize the opposite. Such must be effective in disturbing their personal perception. Thus, self esteem must emerge subtly, not simply through saying how fantastic or great they are.

You see, better understanding of a condition will always result to the facilitation of cure.