There’s More in Philadelphia Than Speed Dating

Are you having a hard time meeting new people? Why not try speed dating. Yup, you read it right, speed dating. While speed dating has been marketed as a means of finding that “special someone”, it is also a way for you to interact with people of the same age or with people who enjoys pretty much the same interests.

There’s more to speed dating than you think. Sometimes There are people who attend such dating events to talk and hang around with people their own age. These people are new to Philadelphia and want someone to talk to and maybe expand their friends list. But this is only a by-product of speed dating that’s why proponents and organizers of events don’t play this up much in their advertising campaigns. The focus of their marketing is on the single and dating community.

Speed dating does have a couple of advantages and is actually very beneficial for singles and those looking for someone. You can meet a large number of people in one event which makes it ideal for very busy persons who basically have no time to go on series of dates just to meet someone or for people who have very exclusive or limited social circles to go to.

Also, in this dating environment both men and women interact demolishing the age old tradition of men as the aggressor. The speed dating structure is also beneficial to shy individuals to want to be more out going and confident in meeting or talking with other people. The timed mini-dates will ensure that participants will not be stuck with people they don’t like.

And of course, participants in these dating events are guaranteed more or less to be single and looking for a serious relationship. Unlike in a bar or pub, you can never be sure. Speed dating is also cheaper too. You can have inexpensive multiple dates in just one night.

If you’re actually looking and have signed up for a speed dating event, then its best that you make yourself look good. It is quite unfortunate, however, that people will be basing who you are on mere first impressions. But with the limited time you have during speed dating, it is the first impressions that usually count.

In the first few minutes of your conversation with your partner, you’ll be able to tell if you like him or her based on the way he or she dresses, their voice, self-esteem, actions, mannerisms, accents, etc. But remember, by doing so, you only increase your chances of finding a match.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find the “one” though. When you do find a match, it will basically depend on the both of you to make it work. Only at this point will you be able to go beyond the first impressions that both of you exhibited during the first time you met in the speed dating event.

For people who are looking for a place to hang out and not particularly keen on bars and pubs, then speed dating could be for you. It will depend on the organizers of the dating event, but generally you’ll be meeting decent enough folks where you can have very reasonable conversations with.

Speed dating in Philadelphia has really become popular. People attribute this surge of popularity to the busyness of the daily lives of Philadelphians.